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June 1969 report

Glosair have sold Airtourer G-AWVG to the Golden River Aero Club in Belgium as OO-WIC. Airtourer '512' has now been
completed and painted, but the registration G-AWVH not yet applied. Meanwhile, fuselage and wing sets for two more aircraft
have arrived.
New with the Skyfame Museum is Sea Venom 21 WM571/742-VL from Yeovilton with arrived on the 30th April 1969.

30.4.69 N705G Gulfstream 1 departed to Gatwick after attention with Dowty
2.5.69 WV740 Pembroke f/t Andover
3.5.69 G-AWOM JetRanger f/t Bixton Manor
8.5.69 F-BOLT Cherokee Six Ostend-Lulsgate
          G-ASKS Cessna 336
9.5.69 F-BPKP Jodel DR221 f/t Shoreham
          G-AVJB Viscount
          G-APPX Viscount
13.5.69 G-AVDO Bell 47G f/t Bristol
14.5.69 G-AWJY ZLin Z526
16.5.69 G-AWYG Skyvan f/t Glasgow Loganair - with DC-10 undercarriage parts for Dowty
19.5.69 I-CEKT Gulfstream 1 f/t Cambridge for propeller check with Dowty
          EI-ATN Pa28 f/t Oxford
21.5.69 XT621 Scout
22.5.69 XS779 Basset f/t Northolt
          G-AWWK King Air 90 to Hawarden
29.5.69 LN-BWS Twin Comanche f Groningen
          XS769 Basset f/t Northolt
1.6.69 G-AXET Beagle Pup
          G-AVYF Beech Musketeer

July 1969 report

Two more Airtourers have arrived with Glosair, c/ns 526 and 527, the latter being a 150 version. c/n 512 is still unmarked.
Airtourer OO-WIC departed 20.6.69 to Belgium via Southend.
Other new arrivals have been Musketeer G-AVYF and Super Cub G-ARBX along with Pup G-AXET. The latter has replaced Terrier
G-ATDN at Dursley with B Walker & Company, but spent quite a lot of time at Staverton.
One aircraft which almost qualified for resident status was Islander G-AXFL named 'La Vallette' of Malta-Gozo Air Services,
which arrived from Bembridge on 11.6.69 and stayed for over a week.

2.6.69 XM223 Devon Farnborough to Northolt
4.6.69 G-AWKM Pup f/t Little Rissington
          G-AWTR Musketeer f/t Lympne
7.6.69 G-AWKZ Apache f/t Templeton, Pembrokeshire
          G-AXCW Pup Luton to Hurn
8.6.69 9H-AAA Cessna FR172H Elstree-Bembridge
9.6.69 XS793 Andover f/t Benson
10.6.69 G-AWRI JetRanger t Llandudno
11.6.69 OT-CWB Aero Commander Belgian Air Force f/t Brussels
12.6.69 N4700C Conroy Turbo DC-3 from Le Bourget for propeller maintenance by Dowty. Airtested 13.6.69 and departed to Copenhagen 14.6.69
16.6.69 LS326 Swordfish Yeovilton to Bristol
          G-AXFA Aztec f/t Oxford
18.6.69 N13722 Cessna 172 Weston-Super-Mare to Lulsgate
          XT616 Scout
22.6.69 G-ATSC Wessex 60 f/t Rhoose
          EI-ATN Pa28
26.6.69 XS781 Basset f/t Wyton
27.6.69 G-AMKW Percival Prince Brawdy to Stansted
28.6.69 G-AXDH Islander Fairoaks to Bembridge
29.6.69 G-AJXC Auster 5 f/t Keevil to retrieve a Slingsby Skylark by aerotow

August 1969 report

Glosair performed a check on Airtourer 115 ZK-CXU 'Miss Jacy' when Cliff Tait called in on his round the world solo flight. He arrived from Prestwick pn 9.7.1969 and departed to Northolt on the 11.7.1969.
Cessna 150 G-AVUH is an arrival for Staverton Flying School, however the month's most important arrival is that of Bristol 171 G-48/1 (G-ALSX) which arrived by road from Weston-Super-Mare on 18.7.1969 for the Skyfame Museum. The Sea Venom was relocated outside the hangar to make room for the helicopter.

1.7.69 G-AWKZ Apache
8.7.69 F-BOOG Aztec f/t Gatwick
9.7.69 'Kitty 2' Andover The Queens Flight
          ZK-CXU Airtourer 115 Prestwick to Northolt (departed 11.7.69)
10.7.69 LN-BWS Twin Comanche
18.7.69 G-ANON Tiger Moth
          G-ANDP Tiger Moth
          G-48/1 Bristol 171 (G-ALSX) from Weston-Super-Mare by road for Skyfame
19.7.69 G-AVRG HS125 from Filton with President Kekkonen of Finland
20.7.69 G-AXDJ Cessna F150H
21.7.69 VP973 Devon Andover to Swanton Morley
          WB535 Devon Odiham to Andover
22.7.69 G-AWLS Nipper f/t Panshanger
          WK519 Chipmunk f/t Chivenor
25.7.69 G-AXIO Pa28
27.7.69 G-AVII JetRanger
          G-APRT Taylor Monoplane f/t Kempsey
30.7.69 G-AXIP Pa28
          G-AXJW Pa28
          XV130 Scout Colchester to Hereford
          G-APUB Beech Travel Air Aberporth to White Waltham

September 1969 report

New amongst the residents of the Smith hangar at the end of July were Geminni G-AKEL and two Bolkow Junior fuselages G-ATSX and G-ASUO, the latter having been a short-term resident at Elmdon in May.
In the Glosair hangar Airtourer G-AXIX was assembled but unmarked. Another of the residents, Jodel DR250 G-AVIV crashed into high ground at Carnedd Daffyd near Bangor on 22.8.69 while en route Elmdon to Dublin. Sadly the occupants were both killed.

4.8.69 F-BOOG Aztec f/t Le Harve
          WV740 Pembroke
          G-AXCJ Beech Musketeer
          N855JA Islander c/n 87 Bembridge to Eastleigh
6.8.69 XT170 Sioux Plymouth to Nuneaton
          G-ATAL Dornier 28 Oxford to Teesside
10.8.69 N2245R Cessna T210D f/t Leeds
          G-AVJE Cessna 150G from Jersey
11.8.69 XS743 Basset f/t Boscombe Down
          G-AVEX Cessna 411A Cranfield to Scunthorpe
12.8.69 VP957 Devon f/t Andover
          G-AOGO Heron Filton to Hatfield
13.8.69 G-AVSD Pa28 f/t Greenham Common
          G-AXCX Pup from Coventry
14.8.69 G-AWAP Alouette II Ledbury to Cambridge
          XV127 Scout f/t Hereford
15.8.69 G-ASCX Heron f/t Manchester
          XS765 Basset f/t Northolt
16.8.69 G-ATSC Wessex 60 Nash Point to Yarmouth
          G-AVET Baron f/t Norwich
17.8.69 N23653 Cherokee Arrow Halfpenny Green to Chichester
          G-ASMV Emeraude f/t Plymouth
          LN-BWS Twin Comanche
          G-AWTI Cessna 172
20.8.69 XW190 Soiux Netheravon to Lulsgate
          G-AWWK Beech 90 King Air
          G-ATAI Dove
24.8.69 G-AWRI JetRanger Manchester to Newbury
          G-AVRX Aztec f/t Deauville
25.8.69 XT197 Souix Middle Wallop to Hereford
27.8.69 F-BRBR Cessna F172H Lulsgate to Paris (returned on 29.8.69)
          G-ASMG Dove
          XS774 Basset f/t Northolt
          XS781 Basset f/t Wyton
30.8.69 G-AEXD Aeronca 100
          G-ATZO Beagle 206 Gatwick to Deauville and return

October 1969 report

The replacement for Jodel DR250 G-AVIV, whose demise was reported last month, has already arrived in the form of Rallye Commodore G-AXHX. The Bolkow Juniors mentioned last month, G-ATSX and G-ASUO are now both airworthy. G-ATSX is remaining at Staverton and G-ASUO has departed to Birmingham.
The Gemini G-AKEL now resides in the Smith hangar, where the Board of Trade HS748 G-AVXJ stayed from September 4th to 15th while work was done on the aircraft. Crew ferries from Stansted were Doves G-ALVS and G-ANUW.
In the Glosair hangar Airtourer 150 G-AXIX has been completed and the registration applied. It is painted in Glosair's colours of yellow with red and black trim. Their Cessna 206 G-ASVN is having it's similar paint scheme altered, which suggests that it may have been sold at last.

1.9.69 G-AXHW Agusta-Bell 47G-4 Autair Llandovery to Luton
3.9.69 OY-DNH Baron Luton to Gatwick (nightstop)
4.9.69 XT637 Scout
          G-AVXJ HS748 from Stansted for work with Smiths departed back to Stansted 15.9.69
          G-ALVS Dove from Stansted
          PH-VSB Cessna 172 Cambridge to Biggin Hill
5.9.69 CS-AJR Islander c/n 98 in primer f/t Bembridge (departed 7.9.69)
          G-AWPM Beech 90 King Air Denham to Mundole
          XT639 Scout
6.9.69 G-AVTR Cessna F172H Wing to Haverfordwest
7.9.69 G-AWEL Fournier RF-4 Panshanger to Halfpenny Green
          G-AWGD Cessna F172H to Shobdon
9.9.69 N6752Y Aztec f/t Ghent
          G-AWKF Twin Comanche Wisley to Yeovil
10.9.69 XR603 Scout Colchester to Senneybridge
          G-AMZY Dove
          G-APVX Dove
          G-ARJB Dove
13.9.69 G-ATSC Wessex 60 Swansea to Oxford (departed 17.9.69)
14.9.69 LN-BWS Twin Comanche
15.9.69 G-ANUW Dove from Stansted
17.9.69 G-APTW Widgeon Berkeley to Liverpool
          G-AWXG Alouette III Oxford to Cardiff
18.9.69 XS765 Basset f/t Northolt
          G-AWUC JetRanger f/t Battersea
19.9.69 XV130 Scout Senneybridge to Colchester
22.9.69 G-AVYO Pa28 f/t Chedworth
23.9.69 PH-ILS Beech Queenair 65 Woodvale to Gatwick
          XG496 Devon f/t Farnborough
24.9.69 WB535 Devon f/t Andover
          XP853 Scout Cardiff to Tern Hill
25.9.69 G-AWSI Bell 47J Weston-Super-Mare to Swindon
          G-AIYR Dragon Rapide
          G-ARUJ Piaggio P166
26.9.69 G-AWOM JetRanger f/t Bixton Manor several times
          G-AWWK Beech 90 King Air
28.9.69 G-AWFB Cherokee Arrow f/t Weston-Super-Mare
          G-ARAG Tri-Pacer

November 1969 report

Surprise news at the beginning of October was that Smith Industries Flying Unit is to close after so many years of operations from Staverton. It seems that Dove G-AOSE may be retained for communications work, but the other aircraft will be sold.
Another departure on 1.11.69 was Colt G-ARJP whose owner is flying it to South Africa where it will be sold.
Glosair overhauled Islander G-AXDH fro Fairoaks during the month and Cessna 206 G-ASVN went to Halfpenny Green.
Four more crated Airtourers have arrived including 534 and 535.

18.10.69 G-51-47 Islander Bembridge to Fairoaks
23.10.69 4X-AYW Islander Bembridge to Colerne
31.10.69 G-AXJH Pup