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March 1981 report

Capital have disposed of a few aircraft which are now locally based. These are Archer G-BFXZ, RC114 G-BHSE and Cessna 310
G-AZYI. Returning to them is Cessna 340 G-AZYR while the latest Maule N56411 left for Little Staughton on 4.3 and returned
19.3 sprayed orange and yellow and is rumoured to be going to France. Also going to Little Staughton for spraying was
Islander G-BGRZ on 11.3. Stolp Starduster Too G-AYMA arrived from Cambridge on 15.3 for use by Aeros Flying Group.

Helicopters noted at the racecourse during Festival week were : Tuesday 17.3 JetRangers G-BBBM, G-AXMM; Thursday 19.3
JetRangers G-HBUS, G-TBCA, G-BBBM, G-BBOR, G-BTWA, LongRangers G-LONG, G-BFTR, AS350 G-FERG, Enstrom G-BHTF, Hughes 369

1.3.81 G-JTCA Aztec f/t Sturgate
          G-AZDD Monsun f/t Biggin Hill
          G-HWBK Agusta 109 f/t Birdenham
          G-OAMH Agusta 109 f/t Birdenham
          G-BGGX JetRanger f/t Birdenham
          G-BGGY JetRanger f/t Birdenham
2.3.81 G-SILV Cessna 340 Elstree-Humberside
          G-BFRA RC114 f/t Hurn
3.3.81 EI-BKH Partenavia P68 f/t Plymouth
4.3.81 G-BUNA Stampe SV-4 Halfpenny Green-Goodwood
7.3.81 G-WTVA Cessna 404 Cardiff-Le Bourget
11.3.81 D-IBOH Beech 200 f/t Frankfurt
          XX499 Jetstream Wyton-Brize
          G-MHGI Cessna 414 f/t Leeds
12.3.81 VP865 Devon f/t Wyton
          G-BSPE Cessna 172 f/t Hurn
13.3.81 G-OJCB JetRanger f/t Tewkesbury
          G-BADJ Aztec f/t Biggin Hill
          G-WSSL Navajo Gatwick-Lulsgate
16.3.81 OO-LFJ Cessna 441 f/t Brussels
          G-ORMC Beech 200 Heathrow-Leeds
          EI-BET Cessna 337 f/t Dublin
          EI-BKH Partenavia P68 Dublin-Shannon & 19.3
          EI-AUV Aztec Dublin-Shannon & 19.3
17.3.81 XZ331 Gazelle Oakington-South Wales
          EI-BFT Beech 200 f/t Dublin
          G-OLEE Cessna 152 Birmingham-Cardiff
          EI-BBI Rallye f/t Dublin n/s
          EI-BEO Cessna 310 f/t Dublin
18.3.81 EI-BJY Beech 200 f/t Dublin
19.3.81 EI-BHA Beech 200 f/t Cork
          EI-BDD Seneca f/t Cork n/s
          EI-BCE Islander f/t Dublin
          EI-BIP Beech 200 f/t Dublin
          EI-BGP Cessna 414 f/t Dublin
          XX164 Hawk touch and go
          XX226 Hawk overshoot
20.3.81 G-BGID Bell 47 Nympsfield-London area

April 1981 report

1.4.81 G-BGRZ Islander f Little Staughton
2.4.81 G-KATH Cessna 210 Fairoaks to Cardiff & Bembridge-Fairoaks
          G-BFNC AS350 f/t Melksham
          G-BTLE Navajo Manchester-Geneva
          G-DATS Cessna 310 Little Staughton-Marcle
3.4.81 G-BALC JetRanger f/t Filton
          G-LONG LongRanger Bath-Builth Wells
          XZ317 Gazelle Lulsgate-Middle Wallop
          G-BGVH Duchess f Hurn
          G-BIMT Cessna 152 f Hurn
          G-BTLE Navajo Geneva-Fairoaks
4.4.81 XZ330 Gazelle Brawby-Cambridge
          G-AVLW Fournier RF-4 Biggin Hill-Shobdon
5.4.81 G-BFMW Viscount Manchester-Jersey