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April 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

2/4 G-BXTP DA-20 Katana F Le Touquet (dep to Luxembourg 25/4)
  G-BXTR DA-20 Katana F Le Touquet (dep to Southampton 28/4)
  G-BXTS DA-20 Katana F Le Touquet (dep to Southampton 28/4)
3/4 D-HLCI Hughes 269B Dep by road in container for Australia, to be used on a Cattle Ranch
4/4 G-RNBW JetRanger F nr Exeter for maintenance with Timair
12/4 G-BXRG Cherokee Ex sales, dep to North Weald
18/4 N1234T Beech Bonanza F Fairoaks - new resident
18/4 G-LIBS Hughes369 F? for Timair maintenance
  G-OSLO Hughes269 To Sommerton after Timair maintenance
23/4 G-BXSG R-22 F Bowldown - new resident with Burman
  SE-IZR Arrow IV F Luton - new resident with Aeros
26/4 D-EWAY Katana Dep to Old Buckenham
27/4 G-BGYR Bae125 F Warton for EuroJet
  G-NMHS AS355 Newton-Oxford (dep 29)
  G-SEGO R-22 F Cranfield for Burman
28/4 G-BWEH DV-20 Katana F Southampton for Diamond
  G-BWTA DV-20 Katana F Southampton for Diamond
30/4 N152SE DA-20 Katana F Saarloius for Diamond

Movement highlights

2/4 ZA729 Gazelle Netheravon-Malvern Army376
  ZE410 Agusta 109 Battersea-Hereford 3EG88
3/4 OPWH Falcon 900 Teterboro - Oxford
  N85LB Beech Baron Cranfield-Wick nightstop

On delivery to USA

5/4 N6902T Aerostar Glasgow-Geneva delivery flight

C/n 60-8265046

6/4 XW223 Puma Benson-Battersea SHF351 +20
  TF-ELA Dornier 228 Reykjavik-Kemble Iceberg10P

For respray by Flying Colours

  F-GOBF SIAI SF260 F/t Shobdon in Burkino Faso AF colours BF8431
7/4 XX561 Bulldog F/t Cranwell
  HBGHF Beech 200 Le Bourget-Kerry (dep9)
  XX496 JetStream F/t Cranwell
8/4 VPCCV Citation F/t Leeds +30
  XX499 JetStream Cranwell-Northolt
  XW201 Puma F/t Benson
9/4 XW209 Puma F/t Ashchurch SHF346
10/4 ZH542 Sea King Evesham-Stratford Rescue170
  XW219 Puma Coventry-Aldershot Rescue339
  ZE368 Sea King ?-Valley Rescue122
  N709EL BeechJet Nice-Liverpool
13/4 G-BTMK Cessna 172 F/t Ashbourne
15/4 G-ONTV JetRanger F/t Tewkesbury
16/4 N208MK Cessna 208 Glenrothes-Jersey delivery flight
17/4 XX444 Gazelle Wattisham-Stafford
  D-IJYP CitationJet F/t Dusseldorf
18/4 G-VIPY Navajo Filton-Prestwick +ret
  N109TW Agusta 109 F/t Battersea
21/4 ZG847 Islander Wattisham-Aldergrove
  ZJ235 Bell 412 F/t Shawbury overshoot SYS94
24/4 N33CJ CitationJet F/t IOM dep 27
  N340SC Cessna 340 North Weald - Le Touquet
  XZ190 Lynx Wattisham-Senneybridge
  XZ680 Lynx Wattisham-Senneybridge
25/4 N2675Y Cessna 340 F/t Fairoaks
  N18429 Bonanza Guernsey-Leeds delivery flt en route USA
  G-DNCN JetRanger Thruxton-HPG
27/4 XX661 Bulldog F/t Cranwell
  N9281D Seneca V Southampton-Jersey
  XX487 JetStream Culdrose-?
28/4 G-OCSB CitationJet F/t Guernsey
  N273TB Baron F/t Welshpool
29/4 ZJ234 Bell 412 F/t Shawbury
  XW206 Puma Innsworth-Benson
  VPCCK Agusta 109 Battersea-HPG
30/4 G-BWDO Sikorsky S-76 Northolt - Newent
  XW219 Puma F/t Benson SHF332