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April 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/4 G-WOTG Islander to Weston-o-t-Green ex PAS
  G-BYBP Cessna 180 to Ross
4/4 G-BWLV Katana f Woodfood - for Midwest
  VP-BDB Cessna 560 Ultra f Southampton - new resident replacing CitationJet VP-BZZ
  G-BWLT Katana to Woodford ex Midwest
6/4 G-WMPA AS355 f/t Birmingham for PAS &12,19
  G-BAGB SF260 f/t EMA for RGV
7/4 G-SYPA AS355 f /t Sheffield for PAS dep 13
  N45CD Pa28 f ? for RGV
8/4 G-PASS MD902 first flight - del'd to Sussex Police at Shoreham on 26/4
  G-BWFD Katana f Southampton for Midwest, dep to Plymouth on 10/4
  G-BXTS Katana to Southampton ex Midwest, ret 30/4
9/4 G-BWEH Katana t Gamston ex Midwest
  N4127D Pa32R dep to Shoreham (arr 21/3 on del f States)
10/4 HA-YRAJ Katana first noted - ex N...DA which has been with Midwest for a couple of years. (Either N177DA or N185DA). First flew on 11/4 then dept by road 21/4
12/4 G-NAAS AS355 dep to Wakefield ex PAS
14/4 G-BLKY Baron returned f Southampton - had been damaged in Spain durung 1998
15/4 G-OCDB Citation t Dublin ex EuroJet maint
  G-KGMT AS355 f/t Rochester for PAS dep 16
16/4 G-WYPA Bo105 dep to Carr Gate ex PAS
19/4 G-BWNC Cessna 152 f Wellesbourne for RGV
  G-BXTP Katana f Southampton for Midwest, dep 30/4
  G-BXTR Katana f Southampton for Midwest, dep 30/4
28/4 G-BLOR Twin Comanche t Sheepwash after rebuild
30/4 G-BVDH Arrow IV f/t Swansea for RGV

Movement highlights

1/4 N709EL BeechJet f/t Nice &6
  OY-NUA Cessna 206 Old Sarum-Newtonards
  N57WA Cessna 421 EDDB-Wick dep 4/4 delivery flight
2/4 F-GGTJ Gazelle f/t Bristol
5/4 G-OSMD JetRanger f/t Chepstow Racecourse
6/4 N33CJ CitationJet f/t IOM
  N95D Seneca V f/t Welshpool &ret
7/4 no 133 Falcon 10 f Landvisiau overshoot c/s FNY55C4
8/4 N6153S Cessna 182 f/t Antwerp n/s
9/4 G-AWDU Brantley Droitwich-Stourbridge
  ZJ274 AS350 overshoot f Shawbury SYS62
10/4 N6128G Cessna 172 f/t Andrewsfield
  G-BXXK Cessna 172 f/t Andrewsfield
  G-IRAN Cessna 152 f/t Andrewsfield
12/4 XX630 Bulldog f/t Cranwell
  G-MFHT R-22 Wakefield-Calne
  ZJ140 AS355 overshoot f High Wycombe &14
13/4 G-LGRM JetRanger f/t Exeter
  G-OMEL R-44 Plymouth-Blackpool
14/4 OY-CRB Seneca f/t EKPB (Krusa-Padborg)
15/4 ZH543 Sea King f/t Culdrose
  XT131 Sioux f/t Wallop
  XT626 Scout f/t Wallop
  XR379 Alouette f/t Wallop
  G-ODOC R-44 Booker-Hatherley Manor
  G-CCAU EC-135 f/t HPG
  G-BYHI Pa28 f/t Old Sarum
  ZA709 Chinook Innsworth-Odiham
16/4 XS712 Dominie overshoot f Cranwell
  G-TBGL A109 Stafford-nr Lyneham
  G-ORMA AS355 Stapleford-Gloucester City
  ZG848 Islander Wattisham-Belfast &19
  G-CITI Citation Oxofrd-Le Bourget &21
  ZE438 JetStream Cosford-Yeovilton
19/4 ZG847 Islander f/t Belfast
22/4 G-BWOM Citation f/t Jersey
  XZ197 Lynx f/t Wattisham
23/4 N4120V Pa28 Dundee-Hurn dep 25 G-GFTB under ferry marks (del flt)
  N175TT Cessna 402 Cannes-Reykjavik dep 27/4 on delivery (ex South Africa)
24/4 G-JCKT Stemme Stapleford-Ronaldsway
  G-FLYS R-44 ?-Wellesbourne
26/4 PH-CTX Citation f/t Eindhoven
  D-ILAT Citation Jet f/t Freidrichschafen
27/4 ZA682 Chinook Odiham-Shawbury SHF479
28/4 N165TT Navajo Chieftain f Shobdon still present for USA - ex South Africa
  N20RJ Bonanza f/t Shobdon
  G-MAIK Seneca f/t Ronaldsway
  N198ND Citation II EMA-Le Bourget
  ZE830 Tornado overshoot f Coningsby Appolo 1
  N7219L Baron overshoot f Kemble
29/4 XX498 JetStream Cranwell-Brize &30 CWL75
  G-NERC Navajo f/t Conington
  ZA718 Chinook f Odiham overshoot
30/4 G-OSGB Navajo f/t Blackpool
  ZJ238 Bell 412 f Shawbury overshoot