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August 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/8 G-ARHW Dove Returned to Fairoaks after maintenance
2/8 G-WYPA Bo105 F Wakefield for maintenance
2/8 G-AMMS Auster Dep to Hayrish Farm ex resident
4/8 G-WMPA AS355 F Birmingham for maintence
6/8 G-KGMT AS355 First noted - ex G-PASE. For Kent Air Ambulance, still present 1/9
6/8 EI-CPS Baron EIDL-Dublin for maint with RGV
6/8 G-HBBC Dove Dep to Compton Abbas after maintenance
8/8 PH-PTE Navajo F Rotterdam for Aerodynamics - for export to USA - see 18/8
9/8 G-PASF AS355 Dep to Newcastle after maintenance
13/8 G-NAAS AS355 F Blyth for maintenance
14/8 G-CAHA Seneca F Elstree new resident for Archers
15/8 G-BRFP Schweizer 269C F Haverfordwest for PAS
17/8 G-CPOL AS355 F Redhill for maintenance
18/8 N770SP Navajo Ex PH-PTE - returned from Kemble after respray - still present 1/9 - for export to USA
24/8 EI-ONE JetRanger F Waterford for maintenance - still present 1/9
24/8 G-LIBS Hughes 500 Dep to Exeter after maintenance
26/8 G-BXMY Hughes 269 F Pembery for maintenance dep 28/8
27/8 G-PASC Bo105 F Exeter for maintenance
  G-PASD Bo105 F Devizes for maintenance
28/8 G-TVPA AS355 F Benson for maintenance
  F-GGHZ Robin ATL Returned from Dijon after undercarriage work
  G-OSMR Lake LA-4 Resident - made precautionary landing on lake at Bewl, Sussex - no damage
31/8 G-BXZK Explorer MD902 C/n 57 arrived f Heathrow via airfrieght from Boeings - to PAS

Movement highlights

4/8 G-BXXD Cessna 172 Elmsett-Shannon (ret 8/8)
5/8 XZ335 Gazelle Wales Ranges-Farnboro' AA315
  G-OVBJ JetRanger Haverfordwest-Silverstone (&17)
  ZJ246 AS350 Cambridge-Pershore
6/8 N325TT Seneca 220T Rotterdam-Wick dep 7/8, originally from Bromma c/n 34-8333006 ex SE-IVD
7/8 G-DPUK Mooney F/t Turweston
8/8 ZA729 Gazelle Thruxton-Exeter
9/8 G-COPT AS350 Battersea-Bulith Wells
10/8 G-WOOF Enstrom ?-Isle of Wight (&12,17)
  ZG844 Islander Belfast-Wallop
11/8 ZH775 Chinook Shawbury-Odiham overshoot SHF451
13/8 XX500 Jetstream Northolt-Valley
  ZJ234 Bell 412 F Shawbury overshoot SYS05
  ZJ279 AS350 F Shawbury overshoot SYS70
  XZ309 Gazelle St Mawgan-Shawbury AA384
14/8 XX685 Bulldog F/t Cranwell (&19)
  XW218 Puma Bristol-Benson
  N181WW Beagle 206 F/t Biggin
15/8 G-KYNG Falco F/t North Weald
  G-BXMR Robinson R-22 Cranfield-Sywell
  G-BCGM Jodel Sevenoaks-Bury St Edmunds
17/8 ZG993 Islander Belfast-Wallop &30
19/8 XX497 JetStream F/t Cranwell
  N787TT Beech C90 F Luxembourg-Wick n/s c/n LJ-787 en route USA, ex reg TC-NAZ visible
20/8 XX492 Jetstream Cranwell-Valley
  XW223 Puma F/t Benson
24/8 G-OPEP Arrow F/t Blackpool dep 24
  XG847 Islander Wallop-Belfast
  G-HILO Commander 114 F/t Stapleford
  G-BSFS Alouette II F/t Ullenwood
25/8 D-EKDV Katana Rochester-Plymouth dep 27
27/8 D-CILL Citation II Koln-Chester &ret
  XX492 JetStream Cranwell-Lyneham
  G-BXWP Pa32 Oxford-Tollerton
  N123TY Gazelle Aston Down - ?
30/8 OO-CEA Robin F Wellesbourne
31/8 OY-BSD Cessna 414 Sydfyn-Odense