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August 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/7 G-OBDA Katana f Pembery for Midwest to Gamston 10/8 &20
  G-BWFI Katana to Exeter ex Midwest
2/8 N669MM Bellanca f/t Rendcomb for RGV
  G-OLLY Navajo f Bristol for EuroJet dep 10/8
3/8 G-WPAS Explorer to Devizes ex PAS
4/8 G-BYLG Robin f Goodwood new with Cotswold Aero Club
  G-BYLH Robin t Goodwood ex Cotswold Aero Club
5/8 G-ZEIN Slingsby T-67 f/t Blackbushe for EuroJet dep 23/8
  G-VMDE Cessna 210 f North Weald for Aeros - still present
  JY-RJU Dove to Blackbushe ex EuroJet
  G-WMPA AS355 to Birmingham ex PAS &12-13/8
6/8 G-BNEN Seneca f/t Birmingham for EuroJet &13
  G-HPAA Islander f/t Lee-on-Solent for PAS n/s
  G-BVDH Arrow IV Filton-Swnasea for RGV
  G-OFJS R-22 t Cranfield ex Staverton FS
  G-OCDB Citation to Stansted ex EuroJet
  G-BXPD Katana t Redhill ex Midwest
  D-IGEL Cessna 340 t Swansea ex RGV
10/8 N90D Malibu Resident - first noted ex G-BUPN in RGV
11/8 G-BRTM Warrior f Oxford to be based with CSE
  G-BSSC Warrior f Oxford to be based with CSE
16/8 G-BTLE Navajo EMA-Rotterdam for EuroJet dep 20/8
  G-BXPC Katana f/t Redhill for Midwest dep 19
17/8 G-BWLS Katana f/t Sandtoft dep 20
  G-BXOF Katana t Sandtoft ex Midwest
19/8 G-KRAY R-22 f/t Cambridge Staverton FS dep 20/8
20/8 G-BRNU Robin to White Waltham ex RGV
21/8 G-BWGZ Katana f Plymouth for Midwest dep EDDR 28/8
  G-BXRP S269 to Lustleigh, nr Exeter ex resident - sold
23/8 G-LARE Twin Comanche to Biggin Hill ex RGV
24/8 G-BLYK Seneca f Dundee to be based with CSE
27/8 G-BXTP Katana f Southend for Midwest
  G-NESU Islander to Teesside ex PAS
  G-WATS Seneca f Oxford to be based with CSE
31/8 N61787 Piper Cub f Rendcomb for RGV

Movement highlights

1/7 ZG848 Islander f/t Belfast
2/8 ZG847 Islander Lyneham-Belfast & 8,26
3/8 XW227 Puma Benson-Valley
4/8 SE-IYY Arrow IV Texel-ESMS dep 6/8
5/8 ZA683 Chinook f/t Odiham Vortex533
  N8829P Comanche f Wick - delivery flt - dep to Guernsey 10/8
6/8 XW235 Puma f/t Benson SHF340
  N180BB Cessna 180 f/t Weston dep 22/8
7/8 N8713Z Cessna 206 f/t Guernsey
10/8 LY-AIE Yak 52 Brieghton-EGTP ex resident &11
  G-AXPC Pup Bagby-EGHC &11
  G-BHOH Sikorsky S-61 Shobdon-18mls NE
  N11ZP Lightship Barton-White Waltham dep 19
12/8 G-WISP R-44 EGDG-Ross where it crashed
  XX495 Jetstream f/t Lynton
  ZA937 Puma Odiham-Chester
  XW231 Puma Aldershot-Chester
13/8 XX497 Jetstream f/t Cranwell CWL04
14/8 G-ZAPD SD360 f/t Jersey (instead of regular G-BVMX)
  G-PENT JetRanger Newbury Racecourse-nr Shawbury
15/8 G-LAZL Pa28 Coventry-Luton &21
17/8 N27MW Baron f/t Fairoaks &19
  ZE411 Agusta 109 f/t Hereford
  VP-CRB LearJet 60 Bristol-Guernsey n/s
  G-SAWI Pa32R f/t Droitwich
19/8 D-IFAN CitationJet f/t EDDV
  N421AG Cessna 421 Biggin-Newcastle en route USA ex VP-CLL
20/8 PH-OAL Navajo Antwerp-EMA
  XW207 Puma Benson-Innsworth
  G-BYCF R-22 Cinderford-Liverpool &23
  D-ECNP Cessna 210 EDPA-Ronaldsway dep 22/8
21/8 G-PLAT Beech 200 Biggin -Newcastle &23,30
  G-AYCC Campbell Cricket Leicester-Hinton &30
  G-BJIR Citation Jersey-LFBD
22/8 EI-WDC HS125 Shannon-EGAC
23/8 OY-CKT Citation Northolt-Sonderborg
  N6153S Cessna 182 f/t Antwerp n/s
24/8 EI-CNM Navajo f/t Dublin
  G-JCBJ Sikorsky S-76 Blackbushe-Rocester &30
  XW231 Puma Valley-Benson Vortex 001
25/8 SP-FLP Cessna 172 f/t Groningen dep 27/8
26/8 XS731 Dominie f Cranwell overshoot CWL84
  G-OPWH Falcon 900 Filton-LFMV
27/8 G-CDAV Seneca Fowlmere-Guernsey
  ZG845 Islander EGDY-Belfast
  ZE413 Agusta 109 f/t Hereford
28/8 N33CJ CitationJet f/tRonaldsway
  G-BVUU Cameron HAB f Gloucester
29/8 G-XRMC BAe125 Farnborough-LEMG
31/8 N132U AG-5B CYYT-Luton delivery flight for Cabair