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December 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

2/12 G-BWLS Katana F Exeter for Diamond
  G-JILL Commander 114 F Halfpenny Gn for maintenance with RGV
  G-OBDA Katana F Sandtoft for Diamond (dep 14/12)
  G-BWLP Katana F Woodford for Diamond
  G-BXGH Katana F Norwich for Diamond
  G-BWEH Katana T Woodford ex Diamond (ret 7/12)
  G-BWFI Katana T Exeter ex Diamond
  G-BWYM Katana T Sandtoft ex Diamond
  F-GIRL AS350 Departed on trailer bound for "Dorset". See
3/12 G-WPAS Explorer F/t Devizes for PAS Police17
  N2397C Ce182RG T Ledbury ex RGV Maintenance
  G-AYJR Cherokee F/t Brize for RGV Maintenance dep 4/12
4/12 G-BWGZ Katana F Plymouth for Diamond (dep 20/12)
  G-DRAR Hughes 500 F/t Congleton for training with The Avn Corporation. &5,6
  G-PASX Bo105 T Shoreham ex PAS maintenance
  G-BXBW Katana T Plymouth ex Diamond
5/12 G-BANX Cessna 172 F Kemble ex maintenance with Eric Lambert dep 19/12
  G-BKMT Saratoga F Welshpool for Aeros maintenance
7/12 G-WYPA Bo105 F Wakefield for PAS maintenance (dep 12/12 to Leeds)
  G-PASC Bo105 F Waddington for PAS maintenance
13/12 G-DINA AA-5 F Shobdon ex Lamberts maintenance (dep 20/12)
14/12 G-HPAA Islander F Lee-on-Solent for PAS maintenance (dep 17)
  G-ASLK Pawnee F Nympsfield for EuroJet maintenance
15/12 G-CPOL AS355 F Luton for PAS (dep 16)
  G-HBBC Dove T Edzell ex EuroJet maintenance (ret 16)
16/12 G-BYBP Cessna 185 Airtest - first flight in UK marks
17/12 G-WMPA AS355 F Birmingham for PAS maintenance
  G-BXMY Hughes 269 F Pembery for Timair maintenance
  G-KGMT AS355 F Rochester for PAS n/s
18/12 G-LIBS Hughes 500 F Lydd for Timair maintenance
20/12 G-OEJA Citation F Birmingham for EuroJet maintenance
24/12 F-GFRO Robin ATL F Oaksey
? G-BKVL Robin DR400 Ex Cotswold Aero Club - now sold and departed by road to Tatenhill - last flew 11/8
5/11 G-BPPD Tomahawk Ex Archer Flt Training - sold to Kemble

Movement highlights

1/12 ZJ279 AS350 F Shawbury overshoot SYS72
  RA-01607 Sukhoi Su29 Woodford-Goodwood n/s weather diversion
  XX493 JetStream Cranwell-Warton CWL77
  XX482 JetStream Cranwell-Edinburgh CWL65 &2,8
  N41284 Pa28 Archer III Reykjavik-Hurn n/s to be Fowlmere based as G-DIXY in due course
  G-BFRM Citation F/t Cambridge
3/12 N9920U AA-5 Antwerp-Calais dep 5/12
4/12 ZH659 Harrier F Wittering overshoot Practice Diversion
5/12 G-BYCE Robinson R-44 Chepstow - Painswick
6/12 VP-CCV Citation V F/t Leeds
7/12 ZD404/33 Harrier F Wittering overshoot WIT75
  ZE412 A109 Brize - ? HOB44
  G-FLVU Citation Liverpool-Biggin
8/12 N206NS JetRanger F/t Blackbushe
  N43MB Beech 90 T Peine (EDVP) continuing del flt
9/12 G-BTHY JetRanger F/t Stroud
  ZG993 Islander F/t Belfast (&19)
10/12 ZA677 Chinook F Odiham overshoot
  ZJ140 AS355 Northolt-Innsworth
  XX499 JetStream F/t Cranwell CWL77
11/12 ZA710 Chinook F Odiham overshoot
12/12 ZG844 Islander Belfast-Manchester &16
14/12 OE-9409 Dimona F/t Bicester (&21)
15/12 XX497 JetStream F/t Cranwell
  G-ORJB Citation F/t Gamston n/s
16/12 OO-SXD Xingu Antwerp-Plymouth
  G-BXZA Tomahawk F/t Cardiff
  XZ331 Gazelle Fleetlands-Thatcham
17/12 N181WW Beagle 206 Filton-Biggin Hill
  G-BXSF Cessna 172 F/t Oxford (&24)
  ZG994 Islander Brize-Belfast (&23)
18/12 XW217 Puma F/t Benson SHF390
19/12 G-BXYO Arrow F/t Oxford
  N109TW Agusta 109 F/t Oxford
  N41272 Saratoga Wick-Hurn n/s on delivery from USA. New UK marks G-RIGH visible under US ferry marks
20/12 N60NB Mitsubishi Mu-2 F/t Dublin
  G-FBHH Hughes 369 F/t Pembery (ferry for G-BXMY)
21/12 G-SLCE Hot Air Balloon Departed from Airfield
  PH-CTZ Citation F/t Groningen
  G-BNTM Bravo F/t Hurn
  N91TR Beech 200 Genoa-Glasgow on delivery from Angola to Canada
24/12 G-YSTT Saratoga F/t Halfpenny Green
28/12 G-OMGG HS125 Luton-Avignon
29/12 N9249C Arrow F/t Lakenheath