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1st February 1977
XT213 Sioux Hereford Netheravon Army 375
2nd February 1977
GAYLY Aztec Liverpool Leavesden 
GBAUO Aztec Brough Southend 
GBBVE Cessna 340 from Cardiff dep 5/2
3rd February 1977
GARCI Cessna 310 from Little Staughton 
GAROK Cessna 310 to Little Staughton 
GBBOK Aztec Newcastle Newcastle 
EIAVC Cessna 337 Dublin Dublin 
4th February 1977
GAPYN Tri-Pacer to Scarboough 
5th February 1977
GAVCM Comanche Weston-Super-Mare Stapleford 
GAXMS Twin Comanche to Guernsey 
6th February 1977
N1902J Rockwell Commander 114 Hurn Hurn 
8th February 1977
GBAPH Cessna 150 Luton Luton 
GBBML Navajo Liverpool Bristol 
9th February 1977
GATYW Beagle 206 Leeds East Midlands dep 10/2 weather diversion
10th February 1977
GAYPG Cessna 177RG Norwich Norwich 
XR632 Scout Hereford Hereford Army 426
11th February 1977
GAPBD Apache Luton Guernsey 
GATHU Terrier to Pershore 
XT624 Scout Blackpool Middle Wallop 
XW280 Scout Blackpool Middle Wallop 
XW613 Scout Blackpool Middle Wallop 
XT206 Sioux Netheravon Hereford 
GARAM Super Cub Pershore Pershore 
13th February 1977
GBCVI Cessna 172 Biggin Hill Biggin Hill 
GAIJM Auster J/4 Coventry Taunton dep 15/2
14th February 1977
N8780Q Cessna 206 Swansea Manchester 
15th February 1977
GAVHJ Wassmer WA41 Bristol Jersey dep 26/2
16th February 1977
GAVFP Pa28 to Long Marston ex resident
GAYHA AA-1 Ford Liverpool 
VP955 Devon Northolt Northolt Ascot 1768
VP962 Devon Northolt Northolt Ascot 1861
XP967 Alouette Shawbury Netheravon Army 339
GASNG Dove from Coventry for maintenance
18th February 1977
XT237 Sioux Netheravon Netheravon 
N8780Q Cessna 206 Cranfield Swansea 
19th February 1977
GBBYS Cessna 182 Coventry Pershore 
GBBYS Cessna 182 from Pershore 
20th February 1977
GATST Rallye from Cardiff dep 29/3
21st February 1977
GBBPO Enstrom F28 March Exeter 
22nd February 1977
EIAVC Cessna 337 Birmingham Birmingham 
XJ347 Sea Devon Lee-on-Solent Chester Navy 827
XJ347 Sea Devon Chester Lee-on-Solent Navy 827
GBAZV Aztec Teesside Teesside 
GAZPG Dove to Southend en route survey work in Africa
GBCVJ Cessna 172 Blackpool Blackpool 
23rd February 1977
GAYPG Cessna 177RG from Norwich 
GBAOX Cessna 310 overshoot CAA lighting inspection 
24th February 1977 GAPBD Apache to Leavesden 
XP769 Beaver Netheravon Aldergrove Army 342
XT193 Sioux Chester Netheravon Army 366
XR637 Scout Hereford Hereford Army 424
26th February 1977
GASTA Turbulent to Rochester by road ex resident
XT206 Sioux Ashchurch Liverpool Army 365
GBCOP Arrow Rochester Rochester 
DIMLG Cessna 402 from Arnsberg dep 1/3
GBDKM Sipa 903 White Waltham White Waltham 
GBEEL Enstrom 280C Cirencester Cirencester 
27th February 1977
GBDFS Fuji FA200 Halfpenny Green Halfpenny Green 
28th February 1977
GASSF Cessna 182 Manchester Hurn 
XW798 Scout Netheravon Birmingham 
GAZCJ Pup Biggin Hill Biggin Hill 
GBCIV Beagle 206 from Halfpenny Green