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February 1998 highlights

1/2 GBXOJ Pa28 F/t Hurn
N9122N Pa46 F/t Oxford
2/2 GKMCD Beech 200 Gamston-Rennes
XV732 Wessex F/t Innsworth Ascot 727
3/2 GOCRP LongRanger Filton-Exeter
4/2 N92562 Pa46 F/tIOM
ZG844 Islander F/t Belfast
GOMDR JetRanger Welshpool-Silverstone &19
5/2 FGLBM TBM700 Booker-Le Bourget
ZG848 Islander Belfast-Netheravon
N511TE Baron Biggin-Haverfordwest (&6)
6/2 GOCSB CitationJet F/t Guernsey (ex N1280A)
N8471Y Pa28 F/t Panshanger dep 9
7/2 GIFFR Cherokee Six F/t Henlow
8/2 GDUDZ Robin Draycott Fm-North Weald
9/2 XZ304 Gazelle F/t Caerwent Army312
XZ173 Lynx Wattisham-Salisbury Plain Army795
10/2 XX498 JetStream Cranwell-Lyneham CWL66
PHIDA Navajo F/t Rotterdam n/s Tulip4A
11/2 N666LP Pa46 Coventry-Birmingham
XW209 Puma F/t Benson Iceberg Fromation
ZA934 Puma Ditto
LYAFV Yak 52 F/t Oxford
12/2 XZ311 Gazelle F/t Shawbury Army325
13/2 GOJAB Jabiru Fenland-Southery
14/2 GHOPY Vans RV-6 F/t Booker
15/2 EIBAS Cessna 172 F/t Waterford
16/2 CF-05 Merlin Brussels-Mildenhall n/s
ZE412 A109 F/t Hereford G7V22
DIHAK Cessna 421 Bristol-Mo'gladbach
ZA677 Chinook F Odiham o/s Lifter10
17/2 N7976Y Pa30 F/t Guernsey
XW236 Puma F/t Valley IMX50
GCWIZ AS350 Neath-Bedford
XX661 Bulldog F/t Yeovilton
GBXLY PA28 Nottingham-Liverpool
18/2 N250TP Bonanza F/t Tatenhill
GOPWH Falcon900 F LIPZ
19/2 XX496 Jetstream Cranwell-Woodvale
ZJ277 AS350 F Shawbury o/s
XX449 Gazelle F/t Wattisham Army708
20/2 XX628 Bulldog F/t Colerne


1/2 FGFNO ATL returned from Kemble

5/2 EICMX Duchess f EIDL new resident for Cotsw. Aero Club to be GBXSK

        VPBZZ CitationJet f Hurn new resident replacing VP-BUL

9/2 GISKY JetRanger dep to Blackpool ex EuroJet

14/2 GPKPK S269 f Thame for Timair maint

            GBOXT S269 t Thame after Timair maint

15/2 GOSLO S269 t Telford after Timair maint

17/2 GBSOK Pa28 f Goodwood new resident for Archers

19/2 GBWFD Katana f Dundee for Diamond

GBWTA Katana ditto

20/2 N5337X/(GOFMB) Rand KR-2 arrived by road f North Weald to be resident. Had been at N Weald for nearly a year since being crated from the States.

        DEWAX Katana dep to Saarlouis ex Diamond demonstrator

        PHRPN Islander dep back to Amsterdam after major work with PAS