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February 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

?/2 G-BLHN Robin Tiara dep by road to Llangarron. Was damaged on landing during 1998, replaced by G-BYBP -see 18/2
2/2 G-AYJP Cherokee f Brize for maint with RGV dep 3/2
  G-BWGY Katana to Plymouth ex Midwest maint
6/2 G-BXMP Hughes 269 to Pembery ex Timair maint
7/2 G-CHES Islander f Chester for PAS dep 20/2
  G-AZJV Cessna 172 f Cardiff for maint with RGV dep 27/2
8/2 HB-LGW Pa31P Navajo f Basel for EuroJet. Noted as N125TT on 16/2, still present 28/2
9/2 G-NESU Islander to Teesside ex PAS
  G-WOTG Islander to Netheravon ex PAS
10/2 G-BWLS Katana f Gamston for Midwest
  G-BWYM Katana f Woodford for Midwest
  G-KDEY Falke f Aston Down for maint
  G-BPAF Pa28 f Cardiff for Aeros maint dep 11/2
  G-BWLP Katana t Woodford ex Midwest
  G-BNEN Seneca f Birmingham for EuroJet maint dep 23/2
  G-BVYF Navajo f Birmingham for EuroJet maint dep 12/2
11/2 G-BLOR Twin Comanche first flight after rebuild
  G-BWFD Katana f Pembery for Midwest
  G-OBDA Katana t Plymouth ex Midwest
  N43MB Beech 90 King Air t Peine (EDVP) ex EuroJet maint
  G-BUYS Robin t Nuthampstead ex RGV maint
12/2 G-HPAA Islander t Lee-on-Solent ex PAS
14/2 G-NMHS AS355 t Ripley ex PAS
15/2 G-BXBW Katana f Plymouth ex Midwest
  G-BWEH Katana t Plymouth ex Midwest
  G-BFJR Cessna 337 t East Midlands for RGV maint
18/2 G-TVPA AS355 f/t Benson for PAS
  G-BYBP Cessna 185 to Llangarron to be based
19/2 G-BXTR Katana f Southampton for Midwest
  G-WPAS Explorer f Devizes for PAS dep 24
  G-BXGH Katana t Southampton ex Midwest
20/2 G-BWLS Katana t Cranwell ex Midwest
22/2 G-BTLE Navajo f East Midlands for EuroJet maint
23/2 G-OPLC Dove f Goodwood for EuroJet maint
- F-GOVZ Robin still present with Cotswold Aero Club on loan

Movement highlights

2/2 N52245 Bell 407 Wigan-Stratford
  ZD575 Chinook f Odiham c/s SHF483
  ZD982 Chinook f Odiham c/s SHF490
  G-FSFT Seminole Plymouth-Exeter
  XZ327 Gazelle Cheltenham-Dishforth
3/2 N9122N Malibu f/t Oxford
  ZG844 Islander f/t Belfast &24/2
4/2 XX460 Gazelle f/t Wattisham
  XX444 Gazelle f/t Wattisham
5/2 G-ILGW Cessna 404 f/t Edinburgh dep 6
7/2 G-LACD Pa28 Exeter-?
  C-FJNU Cessna 182 Blackbushe-Wick dep 9/2 on delivery to Canada
8/2 ZJ238 Bell 412 f/t Innsworth &ret
  PH-CTX Citation f/t Eindhoven c/s DYE462
9/2 G-RIGH Saratoga f/t Fowlmere
  G-MFHT Robinson R-22 Calne-Blackpool &11
10/2 ZJ139 AS355 f/t Innsworth &19/2
  XX403 Gazelle field site - ? 671Sqn 2 reg
11/2 G-DIXY Pa28 Fowlmere-Turweston
12/2 ZJ140 AS355 f/t Tewkesbury
  ZG993 Islander f/t Belfast &23/2
  G-OFIL Robinson R-44 f/t Minsterworth &14, 27, 28
16/2 XX498 JetStream f/t Cranwell
  XX499 JetStream f/t Cranwell
  N220TW Avanti Chambery-Oxford
  N109TW Agusta A109 Denham-Chalford
  G-EYET Robinson R-44 HPG-Exeter
  G-VICS Commander 114 f/t Guernsey
  XX492 JetStream Cranwell-Valley
  G-CPMS Trinidad f/t Goodwood
17/2 ZD981 Chinook f Odiham c/s SHF447
  ZA710 Chinook f Odiham c/s SHF430
  XX494 JetStream Valley-Cranwell
18/2 ZA712 Chinook f Odiham
  ZH777 Chinook f Shawbury
19/2 ZF293 Tucano f/t Cranwell
21/2 G-XTOR Trislander f/t Guernsey
22/2 F-GIFK Beech F90 King Air f/t Toussus n/s
23/2 ZA773 Gazelle f/t Southend
  ZD323 Harrier f Wittering overshoot
24/2 ZH776 Chinook Cheltenham-Odiham
25/2 F-GLBN TBM-700 Cottesmore-Piacenza
  XW206 Puma  
  ZA720 Chinook  
  ZA670 Chinook  
26/2 ZF512 Tucano  
  XX498 JetStream  
  XW222 Puma  
  ZA936 Puma  
27/2 N79EL BeechJet c/n RK-214
28/2 D-IRKE CitationJet  
  G-OPWH Falcon 900