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January 2000 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

4/1 G-LOFT Citation f/t Coventry for EuroJet dep 6 &31
  G-WOTG Islander f Weston-on-the-Green for PAS
  G-BTLE Navajo f/t EMA for EuroJet &26
  G-CHES Islander f/t Chester for PAS &10,14
  G-SYPA AS355 f/t Sheffield for PAS
5/1 G-PASD Bo105 returned to PAS f Silverstone
  G-RDBS Citation t Inverness ex EuroJet c/s Spooky3A
  G-WMPA AS355 f/t Birmingham for PAS &14,27
  G-IMVA Archer f/t HUmberside for RGV
  G-PASS MD902 f/t Shoreham dep 8
8/1 G-WPAS MD902 Kemble-Dorchester n/s for PAS &9,11
9/1 G-BAMY Arrow f Birmingham for RGV
  G-IOOI Robin f/t Rendcomb for RGV dep 21
10/1 G-BVYF Navajo f/t Birmingham for EuroJet & 29
11/1 G-OCDB Citation f/t Birmingham for EuroJet
  G-HFIX Spitfire last flight in UK - crated up and departed for Virginia, US
12/1 G-BOPC Archer f Wellesbourne new resident with Aeros
  G-TAPE Aztec Fairoaks-Shoreham for RGV dep 21
  G-WMID MD902 compass swing, then delivered to Birmingham 14
13/1 G-PASC Bo105 f Waddingotn for PAS
14/1 G-EGEE Cessna 310 f Manston new resident
16/1 G-BPAF Cherokee f/t Brize Norton for RGV dep 25
19/1 N3044B Seneca Welshpool-Bergerac for RGV dep 25
20/1 G-BFJR Cessna 337 f EMA for RGV
21/1 G-BXTR Katana f Southampton as cover whilst G-BXPB on maintenance
  G-JANN Seneca f/t Fairoaks for Eurojet dep 25
  G-NETY Cub f/t Rendcomb for RGV dep 27
24/1 G-OFJS R-22 t Cranfield ex SFS
28/1 G-NESU Islander f Teesside
30/1 G-HONI R-22 f Cranfield for SFS
31/1 D-EATL Pup arrived by road (registered G-AXPA)

Movement highlights

4/1 D-EITS Cessna 210 f/t Shobdon
5/1 N33CJ CitationJet f/t IOM dep 7
6/1 N606LG Lightship White Waltham - Pershore dep 9
  OO-LET Beech 200 f/t Rotterdam n/s
7/1 ZJ139 AS355 f/t Innsworth
  G-IGPW EC-120 Battersea-Oxford visit PAS
  XW224 Puma f/t Benson      Vortex201
  G-ORJB Citation f/t Gamston
8/1 G-VICW Beech 200 Hurn-Guernsey
10/1 PH-CTX Citation f/t Eindhoven
  XW908 Gazelle f Netheravon overshoot
11/1 ZH776 Chinook f/t Odiham     Vortex392
  XX383 Gazelle Bicester-Ashchurch
12/1 ZA712 Chinook f Odiham overshoot
13/1 N33366 Pa28-151 Reykjavik-Guernsey n/s on delivery to Cuattro Vientos
15/1 N27MW Baron f/t Fairoaks
16/1 G-ENNI Robin f/t Wellesbourne
17/1 VP-CSN Citation Gamston-Bristol
  ZG847 Islander f/t Belfast
  G-DCSE R-44 Wellesbourne-Filton
  G-PIDG R-44 Cranfield-Kemble
  G-HRHS R-44 Cranfield-Kemble
18.1 G-OWCG Bell 222 Blackbushe-Norwich    Starspeed15
19/1 N709EL Beechjet EMA-Nice &22,30
21/1 XZ312 Gazelle Swansea-Stafford
  ZD980 Chinook f Odiham overshoot
23/1 G-OOJP Commander 114 Oxford-Cambridge
  LY-AMJ Yak 18T f/t Earls Colne
24/1 N52245 Bell 407 f/t Nottingham
25/1 XX495 Jetstream f/t Cranwell
28/1 ZJ140 AS355 Northolt-High Wycombe
  XX543 Bulldog f/t Church Fenton
  XW227 Puma f/t Benson
  VP-CFG Citation Farnborough-Albi &31
30/1 SE-DRS Beechjet f/t Ljungby
31/1 D-IHHS CitationJet f EDDI