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2nd January 2005
EICDX Cessna 210 Waterford Waterford 
GCBWD Pa-28 Bournemouth Blackbushe 
3rd January 2005
GBRWX Cessna 172 Kemble Kemble 
GFCDB Citation Cardiff Oxford dep 11
GOMCD Robinson R-44 Linley Hill ZZZZ 
GROBN Robin Boscombe Down Boscombe Down 
GWACW Cessna 172 Booker Booker 
4th January 2005
GBFZT Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon 
GIVIV Robinson R-44 to Kemble 
N46PL Malibu Les Eplatures Jersey dep 5
XW204 Puma Benson Benson 
5th January 2005
GBAVB Cessna 172 Cranfield Cranfield 
GBEAG Seneca Filton Oxford 
GBGFT Seneca Filton Oxford 
GNESU Islander from Teesside 
GVVIP Cessna 421 to Bristol 
GWMAA Bolkow 105 ZZZZ ZZZZ dep 21
N55BN Baron Tatenhill Tatenhill 
6th January 2005
GBEAG Seneca Filton Oxford 
GBHYF Seneca Filton Oxford 
GCEGA Seneca Filton Oxford 
GJANN Seneca Fairoaks Fairoaks dep 10
GKNYT Robinson R-44 Cranfield Gamston 
GTOPC AS355 ZZZZ St. Mawgan 
N92001 Explorer Coventry ZZZZ 
7th January 2005
EIWJN BAe125 Dublin Dublin 
GBNUN Baron to East Midlands 
GOMDR Jet Ranger ZZZZ Turweston 
8th January 2005
GBXSY Robinson R-22 Bristol Bristol 
9th January 2005
GGWYN Cessna 172 Denham Denham 
GJTNC Citation Leeds Dublin dep 15
N3044B Seneca Alderney Alderney dep 16
10th January 2005
GBXSG Robinson R-22 from Bowldown 
GORBK Robinson R-44 Denham Denham 
GROUS Seneca Filton Oxford 
N485A Enstrom ZZZZ Droitwich 
XW204 Puma Benson Shobdon 
XW214 Puma Benson ZZZZ 
11th January 2005
GBVMA Beech 200 to Cardiff 
SELTM Malibu Billund Linkoping 
12th January 2005
GBGBN Tomahawk Cranfield Cranfield 
GBPPF Tomahawk Bristol Bristol 
GWCAO EC-135 Filton Filton 
GWELL Beech 90 Jersey Lee-on-Solent 
N525AL CitationJet Guernsey Guernsey 
13th January 2005
GAWFZ Musketeer Cranfield Wellesbourne 
GAWFZ Musketeer Wellesbourne Wellesbourne dep 14
GAYPG Cessna 177 from Haverfordwest 
GBABG Pa-28 from Bristol 
GBARC Cessna 172 ZZZZ Guernsey 
GBARC Cessna 172 Guernsey ZZZZ dep 14
GBEAG Seneca Bristol Oxford 
GBFGS Rallye Turweston Turweston 
GBFZD Cessna 182RG Sleap Sleap 
GBHVR Cessna 172 Elstree Wellesbourne 
GBNPM Tomahawk Cranfield Cranfield 
GBNTC Arrow Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GBPBG Cessna 152 Leicester Tatenhill 
GBVMA Beech 200 Cardiff Cardiff 
GBXTB Cessna 152 Old Sarum Oxford 
GBYMC Tomahawk Haverfordwest Chester 
GBZXB RV-6 Goodwood Goodwood 
GCBWD Pa-28 Blackbushe Blackbushe 
GCTFF Cessna 206 ZZZZ Sleap dep 15
GHAIG LongEz from Sleap new resident
GPTRE Trinidad Rochester Rochester 
GTBZI Trinindad Coventry Coventry 
GZERO AA-5 Bournemouth Bournemouth 
N4024W Cessna 208 Ronaldsway Bournemouth dep 14
N45CD Pa-28 to ZZZZ 
N587PB Beech 90 Guernsey Guernsey 
14th January 2005
GAWFZ Musketeer Wellesbourne Cranfield 
GBBTY Sundowner Coventry Cardiff 
GBNKS Cessna 152 Wellesbourne Sleap 
GBOIR Cessna 152 Sleap Wellesbourne
GBORI Cessna 152 Leicester Leicester
GBRKR Cessna 182 from Wellesbourne
GBYWE Tutor Colerne Benson
GBYZZ Robinson R-22 Kemble Kemble
GENNK Cessna 172 Booker Booker
GGFEY Seneca from Aberporth
GJABJ Jabiru 400 Henlow Henlow
GKVIP Beech 200 Filton Bordeaux
GLECA AS355 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton
GOTGA Arrow Manston Manston
GROUS Seneca Bristol Oxford
N4024W Cessna 208 Bournemouth Wellesbourne
N4422P Geronimo Thruxton Thruxton
15th January 2005
GBFZD Cessna 182RG Sleap Sleap
GKVIP Beech 200 Bordeaux Filton
16th January 2005
GARXT Jodel Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 
GFBRN Pa-28 Shobdon Shobdon 
GLBRC Arrow from Wolverhampton 
N5144Q Hughes 369 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
N9239Y Mojave from Gerona 
17th January 2005
GBFZT Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon 
ZJ121 Merlin Benson Benson 
ZJ127 Merlin Benson Benson 
18th January 2005
CSDHK Citation Le Bourget Zurich 
GBAMF Bolkow 105 to Cardiff 
GBOHR Pa-28 Coventry Coventry 
GBOWE Seneca Filton Oxford 
GBVMA Beech 200 Cardiff Cardiff 
GCCVP Baron Connington Filton 
GCDBS Bolkow 105 Blackpool Swansea dep 25
GCHAP Robinson R-44 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GEHMS Explorer Denham Denham 
GGOAC Seneca Bristol Oxford 
GIPAL Citation Northolt Dublin dep 25
GLUKI Robinson R-44 Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 
GSBKR Tobago Luton Luton 
GWAVA Robin Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 
ZJ130 Merlin Benson ZZZZ 
ZJ127 Merlin Benson ZZZZ 
ZJ127 Merlin ZZZZ Benson 
19th January 2005
GBEJV Seneca Filton Oxford 
GGFRD Robin ATL first flight in UK marks - ex F-GFRD 
GHTRL Seneca Farnborough Farnborough 
GKNYT Robinson R-44 Cranfield Sheffield 
GOMDR Jet Ranger ZZZZ Turweston 
GROUS Seneca Filton Oxford 
GWAVI Robin Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 
N45YM Malibu Alderney Alderney 
ZA682 Chinook ZZZZ Odiham 
ZJ137 Merlin Benson ZZZZ 
20th January 2005
GCAMB AS355 Wyton Wyton 
GVONB Sikorsky S-76 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
N706NA Citation Cannes Reykjavik dep 24 (on delivery from South Africa to USA)
21st January 2005
GAYAT Pa-28 Duxford Seething 
GBAMC Cessna 150 Welshpool Wellesbourne 
GBHYF Seneca Bristol Oxford 
GBKCX CAP 10 Haverfordwest Haverfordwest 
GBODM Pa-28 ZZZZ Shobdon 
GBOUL Seneca Filton Oxford 
GBSNX Pa-28 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GFBRN Pa-28 Filton Shobdon 
GGOTC Cougar Denham Denham 
GIHSB Robinson R-22 from Cranfield for SFS
GOHMS AS355 Bristol Bristol 
GPDSI Cessna 172 Blackbushe Cranfield 
GRACI Beech 90 Blackpool Blackpool 
GROWN Beech 200 Bristol Bristol 
GSLYN Pa-28 Old Sarum Oxford 
GTOTO Cessna 177 Denham Shobdon 
GWCAO EC-135 Filton Filton 
GWIZA Robinson R-22 to Cranfield 
N46PL Malibu Jersey Jersey 
N829CB Citation Palma Blackpool 
N95D Seneca Welshpool Welshpool dep 27
22nd January 2005
GAYJW Cessna 172 Coventry Coventry 
GBOEN Cessna 172 Henstridge Henstridge 
GBOTI Pa-28 Blackbushe Blackbushe 
GBXLI Jet Ranger to Topsham resident invloved in fatal accident later in day in Somerset
GDIZY Arrow Rochester Rochester 
GDMCG Robinson R-44 to Brands Hatch ex stored, now re-registered G-RGNT
GHONI Robinson R-22 Cranfield Cranfield 
GIFTS Robinson R-44 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
GMACK Arrow Old Sarum Old Sarum 
GMZHW Thruster T600 to ZZZZ ex resident
GOFIT TB-10 White Waltham White Waltham 
N101UK Mooney Sheffield Sheffield 
23rd January 2005
DEEAH Bolkow 208 Thruxton Thruxton 
GBBMO Chipmunk Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 
GBFDI Arrow Tollerton Tollerton 
GBFZT Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon 
GBHVR Cessna 172 Elstree Elstree 
GBKDH Robin ZZZZ Kemble 
GBMIG Cessna 172 Elstree Elstree 
GBMVM Tomahawk Booker Booker 
GBOMZ Tomahawk Booker Booker 
GBXTS Katana Bristol Bristol 
GCCHF DA-40 Exeter Cranfield 
GDAAT EC-135 Exeter Exeter dep 24
GFNEY Cessna 177 East Midlands East Midlands 
GOBBY Robinson R-44 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
GPLAZ Rockwell 112 to Cardiff 
GRMAC Europa Haverfordwest Kemble 
GSEPC AS355 from ZZZZ for PAS
GUNYT Robinson R-22 Shobdon Coventry 
GVOID Arrow Henstridge Shoreham 
GYAWW Arrow Welshpool Liverpool 
N900RK Mooney Cranfield Cranfield 
24th January 2005
GAVER Cessna 150 Barton Barton
GBEAG Seneca Filton Oxford
GBHAA Cessna 152 Shobdon Compton Abbas
GBTHA Cessna 182 Liverpool Liverpool
GDLTR Pa-28 Kemble Kemble
GIBFW Arrow from Sleap
GOZAR Enstrom 480 Droitwich ZZZZ
GTOMS Tomahawk Swansea Swansea
GWAVA Robin Wellesbourne Wellesbourne
GWCAO EC-135 Filton Filton
N3456Q Cessna 340 from Cork
ZD982 Chinook Odiham Cheltenham Racecourse
25th January 2005
GBEAG Seneca Cardiff Oxford
GBEAG Seneca Filton Oxford
GBHAA Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon
GBNKC Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon 
GHPSE Commander 114 Guernsey Guernsey 
GLINE AS355 Oxford Oxford dep 28
GSYTN Robinson R-44 Swansea Swansea 
N46PL Malibu Jersey Jersey dep 26
ZA704 Chinook Hereford ZZZZ 
26th January 2005
GBGFT Seneca Filton Oxford 
GBOMO Tomahawk Swansea Swansea 
GBVMA Beech 200 from Cardiff 
GBXOI Cessna 172 ZZZZ Bodmin 
GOHMS AS355 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GOPET Pa-28 Booker Cardiff 
GORIX ARV Super 2 from Tatenhill 
GSENX Seneca Cardiff Cardiff 
N777NG Citation Chester Verona 
N777NG Citation from Verona
27th January 2005
GBOUM Seneca Filton Oxford
GETHU EC-135 Denham Oxford
GHPSE Commander 114 Guernsey Leeds
GOAPR Brantly B2B from ZZZZ
GTGRA Agusta A109 Sywell Shobdon
GWCAO EC-135 Filton Filton

28th January 2005
GBFZT Cessna 152 Shobdon Wolverhampton 
GBNFS Cessna 152 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GBNMB Pa-28 Liverpool Duxford 
GBSIM Pa-28 Wellesbourne Wolverhampton 
GFCDB Citation Le Bourget Le Bourget dep 29
GFEBY Robinson R-22 Kemble Kemble 
GGATT Robinson R-44 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
GLINE AS355 to Oxford 
GMAXI Seneca Kemble Kemble dep 14
GOLIZ Robinson R-22 ZZZZ ZZZZ 
GWCAO EC-135 Filton Filton 
N230MJ Twin Comanche from Exeter 
N600MG MD600N Shoreham Teesside 
29th January 2005
GBNTC Arrow Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 
GBRJT Cessna 150 Welshpool Welshpool 
GBVMA Beech 200 to Edinburgh 
GBVMA Beech 200 Edinburgh Cardiff
GBYCP Beech 200 Dublin Dublin
GBYSP Pa-28 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton
GFBRN Pa-28 Shobdon Shobdon
GGYTO Pa-28 Wellesbourne Wellesbourne
GHANY Jet Ranger Cheltenham Racecourse ZZZZ
GMDPI Agusta A109 Cheltenham Racecourse Cheltenham Racecourse
GMOMO Agusta A109 Cheltenham Racecourse Cheltenham Racecourse
GROWN Beech 200 Brize Norton Dublin
N125GW Learjet 45 Newcastle Newcastle
N81188 Pa28 ZZZZ ZZZZ
30th January 2005
GBHAA Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon
GBPAS Trinidad Exeter Kemble
GFILE Seneca Bristol Bristol
31st January 2005
GBCBZ Cessna 337 Swansea Swansea dep 2/2
GBHAC Cessna 152 Shobdon Kemble 
GBHAC Cessna 152 Kemble Shobdon 
GBNKC Cessna 152 Shobdon Shobdon 
GBYZM Pa-28 Cardiff Cardiff 
GGAFA Seneca Filton Oxford 
PHJFS Pilatus PC-12 Budel Budel 
ZG993 Islander Belfast Belfast