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January 1998 highlights

6/1 PHJFH Cessna 210 F/t Teuge
EICMX Duchess Dublin-Edinburgh n/s
7/1 VPCTE Citation Coventry-Southampton (&14)
ZE413 A109 F Hereford o/s
8/1 GBXNT JetRanger Welshpool-Silverstone (&22)
9/1 N2582X Pa28 F/t Hurn (&local)
12/1 ZJ237 B412 Innsworth-Shawbury
N92562 Pa46 Oxford-Blackpool (del flt - N36VU replacement
15/1 N697SC Cessna 172R Jersey-Antwerp (del Flt)
XW237 Puma F/t Benson
16/1 ZF489 Tucano F/t Linton
XX498 JetStream Woodvale-Valley
18/1 FGHBD Beech90 Exeter-Le Bourget
19/1 XX491 Jetstream Cranwell-Brize
XX499 Jetstream Wattisham-Brize
OOPHI CitationJet F/t Antwerp n/s
20/1 GBXNH Pa28 F/t Swansea (ex N2828M)
GLOFT Citation Coventry-Waterford
21/1 ZH776 Chinook F Odiham o/s
XX492 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
ZG848 Islander F/t Belfast
22/1 ZE411 A109 F Hereford o/s
23/1 GGOTO PA32 Blackbushe-Enstone
PHMBS Beech23 Plymouth-Glasgow
25/1 EICDX Cessna 210 F/t Waterford
26/1 XX493 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
30/1 N33EW Mu2 F/tSouthend dep 1/2


28/12 PHUSJ Katana departed back to Holland via Manston
6/1 GRIBS Katana dep to Oxford after maint
9/1 GBWEH Katana f Teesside dep Southampton 10/1
GBWFI Katana F Teesside for Diamond
11/1 DEWAX Katana f Southampton for Diamond - ex Solent FLt Centre lease
12/1 GBXMZ Katana dep to Dundee for Tayside Avn
GBXOF Katana ditto
15/1 VPCBE Citation delivered to Leeds (ex N4EK)
17/1 GBOXT S269 f Oxford for maint with Timair (Teal GOWET crew ferry)
GRIFB S269 t Malden after maint with Timair
20/1 GBWFE Katana f Southampton dep 23
GBWPY Katana f/t Southampton ferry for above
GHYHY Pa46 f Reykjavik delivery to replace Pa32 GHIHI
23/1 GBWGY Katana dep toPlymouth
GBWGZ Katana dep to Plymouth