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July 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

2/7 N800MG Pa31 Navajo Dep to Wick for USA, del flt ex G-BBEI
3/7 G-TAND R-44 F Denham new resident with TAC
10/7 D-EWAY Katana F Charleville-Mesiers to Boughton
  G-OBDA Katana F Charleville-Mesiers new demo aircraft for Diamond
  N250MD Navajo Resident ex N565WA, 1st flt in new marks
16/7 G-ODCS R-22 Ex resident, dep to Wellesbourne
19/7 G-BXYC Hughes 269 Ex D-HFDZ with Timair, dep to Sherburn
23/7 G-BWEH Katana Dep to Wellesbourne, ex Diamond
25/7 F-GGHZ Robin ATL Dep to Calais
28/7 OE-9409 Dimona Dep to Saarbruken
31/7 G-GLTT Navajo Dep to Filton, ex resident
31/7 G-BHSL Jungmann Arrived by road

Movement highlights

1/7 VP-CKM Cessna 560 Southampton-Gamston &ret
  N109AB A109E Mid Wales-Southampton &2,3,4,7,29
  XX494 JetStream F/t Cranwell CWL45 &9
  XX695 Bulldog F/t Benson &7,9
  ZF514 Tucano F/t Topcliffe TOF10 &ret
2/7 ZD982 Chinook F Odiham o/s SHF32
  N9239Y Pa31P Mojave Reykjavik-Guernsey delivery flight &3,23
3/7 G-BXJA Cessna 402 F/t Edinburgh EDC153X
  EIEDR Arrow Haverfordwest-Sywell
4/7 N6339U Pa28-236 Oxford-Booker
6/7 XX492 JetStream Cranwell-Brize
  XX491 JetStream F/t Cranwell
  PH-CTZ Citation F/t Eindhoven DYE197
7/7 XX495 JetStream F/t Cranwell
8/7 ZG847 Islander Lydd-Belfast &23
9/7 N33CJ CitationJet F/t Ronaldsway &29
  PH-PIE Arrow F/t Maastricht
  PH-SST Dauphin Den Helder-Inverness del flt en route Barbados
10/7 ZA773 Gazelle F/t Lyneham AA330
11/7 G-WOOF Enstrom Cheltenham-Isle of Wight
13/7 ZG848 Islander F/t Belfast &14
  XX526 Bulldog F/t Benson UAW22
  N109TW A109 Battersea-nr Oxford
14/7 XX592 Bulldog F/t Benson overshoot
  XW207 Puma F/t Hullavington Sable Formation
  XW219 Puma Ditto
  VPCCK A109 Merthyr Tydfil-Halebury College, Hertford
  XX506 Bulldog Valley-Cranwell
15/7 XX656 Bulldog F/t Colerne
  SEIZY RC114 F Groningen
18/7 F-GGQF Robin F/t Calais
20/7 ZF448 Tucano Linton-Valley Sword Formation
  ZF206 Tucano Ditto
  XX541 Bulldog F EGUO overshoot UAQ02
  ZF380 Tucano Valley-Linton
  ZF143 Tucano Ditto
21/7 XX491 JetStream F/t Cranwell
22/7 N133H A109 Cardiff-Fairoaks
24/7 D-ELAE Pa32 F/t Goodwood
  XW213 Puma Benson-Battersea
25/7 G-MKAS Pa28 HPG-Cardiff
  ZSBMH DC-4 F/t Fairford &26 SpringbokDC4
28/7 OO-SOO Hughes 500 F/t Wevelgem
  ZG844 Islander Boscombe-Wallop
30/7 ZD463/53 Harrier F/t Wittering overshoot
  ZD404/33 Harrier Ditto
  ZD347/14 Harrier Ditto
31/7 F-GGQF Robin DR400 F/t Calais
  ZJ239 Bell 412 Overshoot f Shawbury