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June 2000 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News   

3/6 G-BLRD Monsun f/t Shelsey Beauchamp for maint. dep 14
  G-BNEE Arrow to Enstone ex RGV maint
4/6 F-GGHZ Robin ATL to Carlisle en route North Connel - sold
5/6 G-JETU AS355 f Denham for training with PAS - dep 10
  G-BWGU Cessna 150 to Cardiff ex RGV maint
  G-BNJF Pa32 to Birmingham ex EuroJet maint
6/6 G-WOTG Islander f Weston-on-the-Green for PAS
  G-HONI R-22 returned f Cranfield for Stav FS
  G-NESU Islander to Teesside ex PAS
  G-OSEE R-22 to Cranfield ex Stav FS
8/6 VP-CCO Citation t Biggin Hill ex temp resident
  G-BRNU DR400 to White Waltham ex RGV maint
12/6 G-BXZK Explorer f/t Winfrith for PAS dep 21
  G-BYKB RC114 to Cardiff ex Aeros maint
  D-EATL Beagle Pup departed by road - destination unknown
  G-BNEN Seneca f/t Birmingham for EuroJet maint dep 27
13/6 G-BZHT Piper Super Cub first noted in UK marks - ex ZK-BTF
  G-BZHU Wag Cuby first noted in UK marks - ex ZK-MPH
14/6 G-BLLR Slingsby T-67 f Hintin new resident with Cotswold AC
  N177CE Cessna 177 f Farnboro for Aerodynamics
16/6 G-BUGJ Robin f/t IOM for RGV maint
17/6 G-BXAU Pitts Special f Deenethorpe new resident
  G-BAMY Arrow f/t Birmingham for RGV maint dep 23
  G-ATHT Glos Airtourer f Badminton - new resident
19/6 G-CHES Islander f Chester for PAS
  G-BHER Tobago f Biggin new resident
20/6 G-BJSA Islander marked up as N123NE and dep to Wick 28/6 en route New Hampshire ex PAS - sold
  G-BOAM Robinson R-22 f Cranfield for Stav FS
23/6 G-BARG Cessna 310 f Dublin for RGV maint
25/6 G-NMHS AS355 t Ripley ex PAS
26/5 G-WYPA Bo105 f Wakefield for PAS
  G-ATSZ Twin Comanche f Exeter for RGV
  G-BRMS Arrow IV f White Waltham for RGV
  G-BHFG Stampe SV-4 f Kemble new resident
27/6 G-BIBT AA-5 f Cardiff for RGV maint
29/6 G-BPAF Warrior f Brize for RGV maint
  G-TYPO Robinson R-22 f Bristol for Stav FS
30/6 G-BMJO Seneca f Dundee for CSE
  G-ONYX JetRanger f? for Heliflight
  N3212K MD902 Explorer f Heathrow by road for PAS - to be G-EHMS for Virgin/HEMS

Movement highlights

1/6 XW223 Puma Worcester-?
  D-IHHS CitationJet to EDDL
2/6 N109UK Agusta 109 f/t Tetbury &27
3/6 N527EW Citation Edinburgh-Jersey &4
  HB-VKB Citation Zurich-Nice
  G-OAPE Cessna 303 f/t Jersey n/s
5/6 ZG845 Islander f/t Middle Wallop &6
  G-BYZM Archer f/t Cardiff
7/6 N425RR RC690 Guernsey-Fairoaks &12,20
  XW214 Puma f/t Benson
  G-BXKJ Cameron Hot Air Balloon landed on field during evening
8/6 ZA935 Puma Benson-Senneybirdge
  XW210 Puma Benson-Senneybridge
  N95D Seneca f/t Welshpool
  N790A Beech 90 f/t Le Bourget
9/6 N9861M Maule Headcorn-Fairoaks
  ZG844 Islander f Wattisham
  HB-VIS Citation f/t Farnborough n/s
  XW214 Puma Cosford-Benson
  OY-JRR Beaver Netheravon-Weston-on-the-Green
  G-GPWH Falcon 900 Teterboro-Oxford
11/6 G-BXRF Emeraude f/t Pembery
12/6 ZF339 Tucano f/t Linton
  N172AM Cessna 172 f/t Seething
13/6 XW227 Puma f/t Benson
  XW200 Puma f.t Benson
  G-KNYT Robinson R-44 f/t Redwood Lodge , Bristol
  G-CWFZ Pa28 f/t Cardiff &23,24
  ZJ140 AS355 Innsworth-Northolt
  G-CWFB Tomahawk f/t Cardiff &24
  N502TC Twin Comanche f/t Prestwick n/s
14/6 ZD621 BAe125 f Brize overshoot   Ascot 737
16/6 N33CJ CitationJet f/t IOM
  G-MFHT Robinson R-22 Calne-Shrewsbury
  G-YYYY Broussard Rendcomb-EIME
  ZJ238 Bell 412 f field site Wales - ?   SYS88
  OY-BTZ Navajo f/t EMA
  G-BZBD Scout f/t Enstone
  ES-ZLD LET39 Albatross Manston-EIME &18
  D-KLSB Scheibe SF25 Blackpool-Lydd n/s
18/6 N1024L Duke f/t North Weald
  B-HJT Hughes 500 Kemble-Denham
19/6 G-JEDZ DHC-8 Dash Eight Exeter-London City (training)
  ZE412 Agusta 109 Hereford-Battersea
  N600PV MD600 f/t Thruxton
20/6 XW222 Puma Benson-Welshpool
  N109AB Agusta 109 Llandridrod Wells-Southampton
21/6 ZA680 Chinook Odiham-Brize
  G-RGUS Agrus f/t nr Sturgate-EGFP
  G-GAND JetRanger f/t Monmouth
22/6 G-BZEI Agusta 109 Wigan-Plymouth
  G-TGRZ JetRanger Ascot-Shobdon
  F-GSZK TB-20 f/t Biggin Hill
  G-BXER Malibu f/t Cardiff
23/6 ZA712 Chinook f/t Odiham
  G-BYUE Grob 115 f/t Cranwell
24/6 N822MC Hughes 500 Tewkesbury-ne Gloucester & ret then to Preston
25/6 PM631 Spitfire Lakenheath-Coningsby
  VP-BUS Gulfstream IV Farnborough-Palma &29
27/6 LX-DUC Beech 200 f/t Luxembourg n/s
28/6 G-HMPF Robinson R-44 White Waltham-Denham
  ZF416 Tucano f/t Linton   LOP01
  G-SCOO JetRanger 5 south east-Biggin Hill
29/6 N494AT BAe125 EDDF-Farnborough
30/6 G-EHXP RC114 f Maastricht