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June 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/6 G-MOLY Apache dep to Henstridge - ex resident
  G-PASC Bo105 f/t Waddington for PAS n/s
3/6 JY-RJU Dove dep to Blackbushe ex EuroJet
  G-WYPA Bo105 dep to Wakefield ex PAS
4/6 EI-CMT Seneca f/t Galway for RGV
5/6 G-FIBS AS355 Broadway-Denham for new resident operator
6/6 G-WMPA AS355 f/t Birmingham for PAS n/s &25
  G-BHDT Tobago ex resident dep to Wick on delivery to Fort Myers, Florida - owner emigrating
7/6 G-NESU Islander f Teeside for PAS dep 12
  G-BUPN Malibu f/t Coventry for RGV n/s
  G-HBBC Dove dep to Sturgate ex EuroJet
9/6 N45CD Cherokee dep Corton Ridge ex RGV
10/6 G-BXBW Katana f Plymouth for Midwest
  G-BWGY Katana dep Plymouth ex Midwest
11/6 G-BXPC Katana to Redhill ex Midwest
13/6 G-BYBP Cessna 180 to Little Staughton (for painting?)
15/6 G-BWEH Katana Tollerton-Booker for Midwest dep 25
  G-BXZK Explorer f/t Winfrith for PAS n/s
  G-BFJR Cessna 337 f/t EMA for RGV dep 23
  G-WOTG Islander to Weston-on-the-Green ex PAS
16/6 G-ARHW Dove f/t Fairoaks for Eurojet dep 23
  G-LOFT Citation f/t Coventry for EuroJet dep 20 (&23)
18/6 G-BWLT Katana f Woodford for Midwest
  G-BWLV Katana to Woodford ex Midwest
  G-BYFL Dimona to Culdrose ex Midwest delivery flight
21/6 G-HPAA Islander f Lee-on-Solent for PAS
  G-BBCN Robin f Bagby - new resident replacing Cessna 172 G-BAIL the wreck of which has been acquired by Bournemouth College
  G-BWFD Katana Plymouth-Woodford for Midwest dep 26
22/6 G-BNEN Seneca f/t Birmingham for EuroJet
23/6 N2379C Cessna 182RG to Ledbury ex RGV
24/6 G-BVYF Navajo f/t Birmingham for EuroJet dep 28
28/6 G-BWLS Katana f Gamston for Midwest
  G-BXGH Katana to Gamston ex Midwest
29/6 G-JILL Commander 114 f/t Halfpenny Green for RGV
30/6 G-STEP S269 Swansea-? for EuroJet

Movement highlights

1/6 N338DB Malibu f/t Jersey dep 8/6
3/6 ZE413 Agusta 109 f/t Hereford
5/6 ZG993 Islander Blackpool-Belfast &21
  N8713Z Cessna 206 f/t Guernsey n/s
6/6 VP-CMA Beech 200 Birmingham-Mahon
7/6 XW223 Puma f/t Benson
11/6 N206TG Cessna 206 Tollerton-St Just
  G-PLAC Navajo Arbois-Biggin Hill
12/6 W5856 Swordfish f/t Yeovilton (weather diversion)
  XX541 Bulldog f Colerne overshoot
  HB-VLV Citation f/t LSZB
13/6 G-GAZA Gazelle Leicester-Weston
15/6 N4137N Pa28 Shannon-Hurn on delivery flight ex USA
16/6 XX552 Bulldog f/t Benson
17/6 ZH777 Chinook f/t Odiham
  G-BXXN R-22 Newton Abbott-Sywell
  D-EWAY Katana f/t Gamston
18/6 G-BTLM Pa22 Leicester-Swansea
  N180BB Cessna 180 f/t Weston dep 20
19/6 N27MW Baron  
  N4127D Saratoga ?-Wick en route US - delivery flight dep 20
20/6 N554RB Baron f/t Coventry
  XX492 JetStream Newcastle-Cranwell n/s
  N7TK Citation Shannon-Shoreham dep 23
21/6 XX494 JetStream f/t Cranwell
  N37600 Cessna 310 Bristol-Edinburgh
  G-RIZZ Pa28 f/t Sywell
  XW224 Puma f/t Benson
22/6 PH-GBS Cessna 210 f/t Groningen
  ZE700 BAe146 overshoot
  G-GRRR Bulldog Compton Abbas-Old Sarum
  OE-9453 Dimona f/t Gamston &25
23/6 XX640 Bulldog f/t Colerne
  G-BXMW Cameron HAB departed airfield
24/6 YU-HEH Gazelle Radstock-Clitheroe &ret
  XX544 f Benson overshoot  
  VP-CFG Citation Oxford-Albi &28
25/6 EI-UFO Pa22 EITM-Lydd
  N172AM Cessna 172 f/t Beccles
  XX450 Gazelle Yeovilton-Broadway
26/6 G-BVSP Jet Provost ?-Humberside
  OE-GAA Citation UKLI-Innsbruck
28/6 G-PALL Malibu Sywell-Booker
29/6 XX497 JetStream f/t Cranwell
30/6 XW224 Puma f/t Benson
  XX526 Bulldog f/t Benson overshoot