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November 2000 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News   

2/11 G-NESU Islander to Teesside ex PAS
3/11 G-BFZH Arrow f/t Shobdon dep 16 fro Aeros
4/11 G-CREW Malibu f Norwich new resident replacing G-HYHY
10/11 G-LNAA Explorer airtest - delivered to Lincs/Notts Ambulance Service 29/11
  G-PASF AS355 returned to PAS from Cardiff Heliport
  G-AIRC Auster t Shobdon ex Aeros
  G-BXPV Seneca now resident with OATS
  G-ASAT Rallye t Defford ex maint
13/11 G-BOAM R-22 f Cranfield for SFS but roaded out later in month
  EI-PAL Citation Bravo Dundee-Dublin for EuroJet dep 16
15/11 N595PM Malibu f LFOZ for RGV maint dep 20
16/11 G-KGMT AS355 returned to PAS from White Waltham
  F-GFRD Robin ATL f Le Touquet new resident
17/11 N220FW Duchess first flt in US marks dep 23rd to Wick en route USA ex D-GBTA
  SE-IYL Twin Comanche f Kristianstad new resident replacing G-AXRO
20/11 G-PAPS Pa32 t HPG ex RGV maint
21/11 G-SANS R-22 now op by Heliflight with G-GJCD
24/11 G-BSZS R-22 f Shobdon temp op by SFS dep 30
26/11 G-YPOL Explorer noted with UK marks applied in PAS - for Yorks Police late December
27/11 G-WYPA Bo105 f Wakefield for PAS dep 1/12
  G-BADO Cherokee Six Resident crashed at Meppershall - reported as write off
28/1 G-PASC Bolkow 105 f Waddington now resident with PAS

Movement highlights

1/11 G-BXBH Jet Provost Norwich-Coventry
  N595PM Malibu LFQQ-LFOP
  ZG845 Islander f/t Belfast
  ZA776 Gazelle f/t local school
2/11 VP-CBE Citation Hurn-Reykjavik on delivery to Dallas-Love Field n/s
3/11 ZJ234 Bell 412 f Shawbury overshoot
  G-BZHK Pa28 Kemble-Hurn
4/11 G-BZMB Arrow ?-Wellesbourne
7/11 G-LENY Seneca Oxford-IOM &ret
8/11 PH-DYE Citation f/t Eindhoven
9/11 N237TB Baron f/t Welshpool &18,19
10/11 N425RR RC690 f/t Guernsey &21
  G-RAYE Cherokee Six f/t Bodmin
  ZH894 Chinook f Odiham overshoot
  G-BYYT Jabiru f/t Coventry
  G-GPWH Falcon 900 Le Bourget-Luton
  EI-BOR Bell 222 Shannon-Chelt Racecourse n/s
  XW223 Puma f/t Innsworth
12/11 N425HS Cessna 425 f/t Antwerp &15
  N57NP Gulfstream III Malaga-Bangor, Maine
13/11 60079 Beech 1900 Stuttgart-Mildenhall
  G-IANJ Cessna 150 f/t Haverfordwest
  N28TE Baron Leicester-Blackbushe
14/11 ZG847 Islander Biggin-Waddington &16,19,20,29
15/11 40158 C-12 Stuttgart-Leeds
  ZH892 Chinook f Odiham overshoot
  G-FFOR Cessna 310 Hurn-Wick on delivery to US dep18
16/11 G-TVAC Agusta 109 White Waltham-Sywell
  HB-VIT Citation f/t Geneva &23,26
17/11 N31RB AA-5 f/t Hurn
  N790A Beech 90 f/t LFPN
19/11 G-BLDD Wag Aero Cuby Green Farm-Leicester
  F-GHOC Beech 200 f/t LFAT
20/11 XX495 Jetstream f/t Cranwell & 21,23
  N708SP LearJet 45 Luton-Teesside &21
22/11 D-ILAT Cessna 525 f/t EDNY
  VP-CCP Citation f/t Blackpool
  N818Y Twin Comanche f/t Guernsey
23/11 HB-ZCD Agusta 109 Shobdon -Fairoaks
24/11 G-BZNE Beech 300 Milan-Blackbushe    "Skyhopper 100"
25/11 N109TW Agusta 109 Charlford-Oxford
26/11 N494AT BAe125 f/t Dublin
27/11 PH-CTZ Citation f/t Eindhoven
  ZJ238 Bell 412 f Shawbury overshoot
  N1129L Citation 560 Milan-Stuttgart &28
28/11 N311DG Citation Luton-Teesside &ret
  ZJ234 Bell 412 f Shawbury overshoot
  XW222 Puma Benson-Castle Martin
  XW200 Puma f Benson overshoot
  ZJ242 Bell 412 f Shawbury overshoot
29/11 ZF446 Tucano f/t Linton
  G-CITI Citation Biggin-Le Bourget &30
30/11 ZD274 Lynx f/t Dishforth