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November 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

3/11 G-NESU Islander F/t Teesside for PAS &11
6/11 G-CHES Islander F/t Chester for PAS
7/11 G-BKGC Maule F/t Oaksey for maintenance with RGV dep 12/11
  G-SOOC Hughes 500 Dep to Dungannon after maintenance with Timair
  G-ASAT Rallye Dep to Defford after maintenance with E Lamberts
  G-PASX Bolkow 105 F Shoreham for PAS
  VM325 Avro Anson Arrived by road from Coventry for Jet Age Museum
8/11 F-GFRO Robin ATL To Oaksey, not yet returned
9/11 G-BVDH Arrow IV F Swansea for maintenance with RGV
  G-TVPA AS355 To Benson ex PAS
10/11 G-BWFI Katana F Exeter for Diamond
  G-BWLS Katana To Exeter ex Diamond
12/11 G-WPAS Explorer Delivered out to Devizes for Wiltshire Police, callsign Special 40
13/11 G-HPAA Islander F/t Lee-on-Solent for PAS &25/11
16/11 G-PASD Bolkow 105 Devizes-Filton for PAS
17/11 EI-CPS Beech Baron Dublin-EIDL n/s for RGV
18/11 G-WMPA AS355 F/t Birmingham for PAS
  N9239Y Pa31 mojave F Guernsey still present
19/11 G-BWYM Katana Dep to Woodford ex Diamond
20/11 OE-9409 HK36TTC Dimona Saarbruken-Rufforth with Diamond
  N43MB Beech 90 F Reykjavik delivery flight still present with EuroJet c/n LJ-463
24/11 G-HBBC Dove F Dundee for EuroJet
28/11 G-BRTP Cessna 152 Dep to Tatenhill after maintenance with Aeros
29/11 G-BXBW Katana F Plymouth for Diamond
30/11 G-PASF AS355 F Newcastle for PAS

Movement highlights

1/11 G-BSMT Rans S-10 F/t Ross-on-Wye
  EI-CKA Robin DR400 Waterford-Tibenham delivery flight to become G-ONGC with Norfolk Gliding Club
  RA-44480 Yak 18T F/t White Waltham
2/11 XW207 Puma F/t Benson
  G-OPWH Falcon 900 Oxford - Le Bourget
3/11 N8PY Beech 200 F/t Ronaldsway
4/11 N41283 Pa32R F/t Hurn (Tech Diversion - was en route Prestwick then USA on delivery)
  EI-DWN Cessna 421 Brussels-Dublin
5/11 G-XRMC Bae125 Farnborough - Brussels
  XZ309 Gazelle Lichfield - St Mawgan
  G-BXYT Arrow IV F/t Oxford overshoot
6/11 XX492 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
  VP-CPR Cessna 421 F/t Leeds
  ZG847 Islander F/t Belfast
  G-CITI Citation Oxford-Bourges
  OY-BZT Citation Moulins-Bromma
  G-OMGD Bae125 Lyon-Amsterdam (dep 8)
9/11 PH-CTZ Citation F/t Eindhoven &15
  N331SJ LearJet 31 Prestwick-Coventry &10
10/11 G-OMEL Robinson R-44 F/t Blackpool
  N6339U Pa28 Dakota F/t Oxford
  G-BXHY Europa ?- White Waltham
  OO-SKS Citation F/t Brussels n/s
  OO-PHI CitationJet F/t Ostend n/s
11/11 N41254 Pa28 Warrior III Birmingham-Elstree delivery flight for Cabair c/n 2842037
12/11 N829CB Citation F/t Blackpool
13/11 OO-SXD Embraer Xingu Antwerp-Teesside
  N560MM Citation Luton-Newcastle &15
  XW899 Gazelle Bideford-Wallop
  G-CCAU EC-135 F/t Halfpenny Green c/s Police34
15/11 EI-WDC HS125 F/t Shannon
16/11 N8360Y Cherokee Booker- Wellesbourne
  G-WARC Warrior III F/t Elstree
  G-WWAL Arrow F/t White Waltham &29
  G-OPFT Cessna 172R Hurn-Oxford
  F-GIML Beech 90 F/t Antwerp dep 18
17/11 G-PUFN Cessna 340 Liverpool-Long Marston
  N6869Z Cessna 421 F/t Liverpool
  VP-CSN Citation F/t Edinburgh &18
18/11 XX403 Gazelle Whitcombe-Cheltenham
  XW232 Puma EGDQ-Benson SHF338
19/11 ZA675 Chinook F Odiham overshoot SHF540
  HB-VKK Citation F/t Geneva c/s LEO688 &21
  F-GFDJ Beech 90 F/t Le Bourget dep 21
20/11 XX482 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
  G-BXYS Arrow IV F/t Oxford
  G-BXAY JetRanger Shobdon-Hurn &21, 22
21/11 D-ICVW Cessna 421 F/t Koln dep 24
  G-WYMR Robinson R-44 Kemble-Buckland
  N9308V Mooney M20 F/t Biggin Hill &29
  N2FU LearJet 31 Vienna-Biggin Hill
  N800LA Citation Luton-Oxford
23/11 G-CPMS Trinidad F/t Goodwood
24/11 ZG993 Islander Hurn-Belfast &27
  ZF416 Tucano F/t Cranwell c/s CWL06
25/11 N61HB Seneca V Reykjavik-Hurn delivery flight n/s c/n 3449091
  D-IJYP CitationJet Warsaw-Dusseldorf
  ZE413 Agusta A109 ?-?
27/11 OY-CKT Citation F/t Sonderborg
  G-BXXT Duchess F/t Southampton
28/11 G-OJGT Maule M5 F/t Draycott Farm &29
30/11 XX491 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
  XZ311 Gazelle Shawbury-Corsham Army392