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October 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/10 G-BWNC Cessna 152 F Wellesbourne for maint with RGV, returned to Wellesbourne 8/10
  G-BRTP Cessna 152 F Wellesbourne for maint with Aeros, still present 2/11
2/10 G-NESU Islander To Teesside ex PAS maintenance
3/10 G-BWGY Katana To Plymouth ex Midwest
  G-BXBW Katana F Crossland Moor for Midwest, dep to Plymouth 10/10
  G-BGGD Bellanca Scout To Nympsfield, ex EuroJet maint
4/10 G-BBDH Cessna 172 F Defford for RGV maint, to Halton 8/10
5/10 G-INVU JetRanger F Cranfield for Burmans
  G-CHES Islander To Chester ex PAS maintenance
7/10 G-BWEH Katana F Pembery for Midwest
  G-BKMT Saratoga F Welshpool for maintenance with Aeros, dep to Welshpool 18/10
8/10 G-BWYM Katana F Sherburn for Midwest
9/10 G-SOOC Hughes 500 F Dungannon for maintenance with Timair, stil present 2/11
10/10 G-BVSD Alouette F Ullenwood replacing Bell 47 G-BGID
11/10 G-ASLK Pawnee F Nympsfield for maintenance with EuroJet, dep 17/10
12/10 G-OEJA Citation F Birmingham for maintenance with EuroJet, dep 16/10, ret 28/10
13/10 G-PASS MD902 Explorer Arrived by road for PAS. For Sussex Police, c/n 056
15/10 G-JANO Arrow IV F Swansea for maintenance with Aeros, dep 19/10
19/10 G-SURV PBN Defender F Bembridge, new resident with PAS
23/10 XK896 Sea Devon Dep by road to Filton (G-RNAS)
25/10 G-WPAS MD902 Explorer First flight in UK marks
  G-WOTG Islander F Weston on the Green for PAS maintenance, dep 29/10
  G-BRNU Robin To White Waltham ex RGV maintenance
30/10 G-SYPA AS355 To Sheffield after PAS Maintenance
31/10 G-CPOL AS355 F Luton for maintenance with PAS

Movement highlights

 1/10  ZD574 Chinook F/t Odiham
  ZD980 Chinook F/t Odiham
  ZG994 Islander Belfast-Wattisham
  G-SEPA AS355 Lippets Hill - Hereford &19
2/10 OO-PHI Citation 525 Ostend-Antwerp n/s
3/10 G-BWGG Broussard Rednal-Shobdon
  N33CJ Citation 525 F/t IOM dep 6
4/10 G-BXLJ Cessna 172 F/t Tatenhill
5/10 G-DAYS Europa Sleap-Kemble (weather diversion)
  VP-CSC Citation F/t Humberside
  XW200 Puma F/t Benson
  ZG993 Islander Redhill-Belfast &28
6/10 XW218 Puma F Benson overshoot
7/10 G-TCDI HS125 F/t Le Bourget
  F-GJDG Citation F/t Le Bourget
  XX409 Gazelle ?-Wales &ret
8/10 XZ294 Gazelle F/t Netheravon
  XX494 Jetstream Cranwell-Lyneham &15, 29
9/10 SE-DRS BeechJet F/t ESMG &11
12/10 ZJ139 AS355 Northolt-Battersea
  XX492 Jetstream F/t Cranwell
  PH-CTZ Citation F/t Eindhoven
14/10 XW231 Puma F/t Benson
  D-EJUP Pa32 F/t Koblenz
15/10 N802ND Pa28R-201 Stornaway-Elstree c/n 2837002 delivery flight - will become G-OARA
  ZJ271 AS350 F Shawbury overshoot
  N9920U AA-5 Antwerp-Quimper
16/10 N331SJ LearJet 31 Birmingham-Farnborough
18/10 G-BXVB Cessna 152 Henlow-Coventry
  RA-02622 Yak 52 Ledbury-White Waltham
  N27850 Pa31 Panther Navajo ESSB-Wick n/s delivery flight to States
  G-OKEV Tri-Europa F/t Halfpenny Green
  XZ311 Gazelle Portland-Shawbury
19/10 ZA680 Chinook F Odiham overshoot
21/10 N709EL BeechJet EMA-Northolt
22/10 ZJ140 AS355 F/t Innsworth
  XX496 JetStream Cranfield-Valley
  ZD982 Chinook F Odiham overshoot
23/10 EI-CPS Baron F/t EIDL
  D-ICHS Cessna 425 F/t Hannover
  ZJ266 AS350 Shawbury-Innsworth
  XX541 Bulldog F/t Oakington
  HB-GHF Beech 200 F/t Deauville &25, 29
25/10 N6010Y RC114 F/t Biggin Hill
26/10 G-OAKI JetStream Manchester-Caen
  G-PDMH Cessna 340 F/t Oxford
27/10 OY-PEU Cessna 406 Liverpool - ESGR &28
28/10 ZE412 A109 F/t Hereford
29/10 ZJ277 AS350 F Shawbury overshoot
30/10 XX495 JetStream F/t Cranwell
  XX685 Bulldog F/t Cranwell
  XZ328 Gazelle Wattisham-Wales
  XX460 Gazelle Wattisham-Wales
  N1217H Citation 560 F/t Guernsey
  G-OPWH Falcon 900 Dublin-Northolt
  D-ERCH Mooney F/t Biggin Hill