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October 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

5/10 G-BANB Robin f Chilton Park for RGV dep 18
  G-SENX Seneca f/t Cardiff for RGV
  G-LOFT Citation f Coventry for EuroJet dep 11
  G-PASC Bo105 t Waddington ex PAS
7/10 G-NMHS AS355 t Ripley ex PAS
13/10 G-SYPA AS355 f/t Sheffield for PAS
14/10 N90D Malibu resident, dep to Wick e/r USA for turbine conversion, but crashed nr Seattle
  G-SUSX MD902 arrived by road for PAS (for Sussex Police)
18/10 G-CHES Islander f Chester for PAS dep 22
21/10 G-BXZK MD902 f Winfrith for PAS dep to Verwood 30
23/10 G-BJGO Cessna 172 ex resident dep to Cork - sold
  G-JANN Seneca f Fairoaks ex EuroJet maint
24/10 G-WPAS MD902 f Devizes for PAS
25/10 G-BYKM Seneca f Oxford for CSE
26/10 G-BWYG Cessna 310 f/t Biggin for RGV
  G-BXBW Katana f Plymouth for Midwest dep Gamston
27/10 G-BWTA Katana 100 f Gamston for RGV for certification
  G-BYRL Super Dimona f Gamston for RGV for certification
  G-BGID Bell 47 f Ullenwood t Leeds sold
  G-ODLY Cessna 310 returned from Turweston after respray
  G-RIBS Katana to Gamston ex Midwest
28/10 G-NESU Islander f Teeside for PAS
30/10 G-AXIF Pup ex resident dep't to Brize
31/10 G-GOTC Cougar f Elstree for RGV

Movement highlights

1/10 ZH141 AS355 Innsworth-Northolt
  OO-PHI CitationJet f/t Ostend n/s
2/10 VP-CFG Citation Woodvale-Le Bourget &4,8,11,22,31
3/10 N6153S Cessna 182 f/t Antwerp n/s
5/10 N99BM Baron f/t Ronaldsway n/s
  G-AYCC Cricket Shobdon-? &13
6/10 ZH777 Chinook f Odiham o/s &15
7/10 XV207 Hercules f Lyneham overshoot
  XX625 Bulldog f/t St Athan
8/10 ZA936 Puma f/t Benson
  ZG848 Islander Belfast-Farnborough &11
  N60NB MU-2 f/t Dublin n/s
  N79EL BeechJet f LFMN &12
9/10 N5LL Navajo Brize-Jersey &13
10/10 N12ZP Lightship White Waltham-HPG
12/10 G-SLTN Trinidad f/t Biggin
13/10 ZD253 Lynx HMS Gloucester-Leeming
  XX493 Jetstream f/t Cranwell
14/10 ZJ140 AS355 f/t Innsworth
15/10 XZ349 Gazelle f/t Wallop
  VP-CJR Citation f/t Manchester
  EI-CPS Baron f/t EIDL
  XX713 Bulldog f/t Colerne
19/10 D-IFAN CitationJet f/t Hannover
  G-GDEZ BAe125 f/t Jersey
21/10 G-BVMX SD360 f/t Jersey
  G-IJYS JetStream f/t Cardiff &ret
22/10 N560MM Citation Newcastle-Luton &24
  G-BYJF Thorp T-18 f/t Liverpool n/s
23/10 EI-CMT Seneca f/t Cork
24/10 N2000M Citation 560 f/t Farnborough n/s
25/10 ZD902 Tornado overshoot Gaunlet17 f Boscombe
26/10 ZJ139 AS355 f/t Innsworth
  D-COLD Metroliner f/t Bremen n/s
27/10 G-BJIR Citation II f/t Jersey &27
  G-BYOM Sikorsky S-76 f/t Kensington Palace
  N618RG Cessna 172 f/t Andrewsfield
  G-GHKX Pa28 f/t Oxford
28/10 ZA936 Puma Benson-Shawbury
  ZA934 Puma f/t Benson
  ZA680 Chinook f/t Odiham
29/10 G-HPWH Agusta 109 f/t Edgeworth
31/10 G-SCBI Trinidad f/t Enstone
  G-OMGE BAe125  
  G-BXLA R-22 f Shoreham n/s