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September 2000 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News   

3/9 EI-PAL Citation Bravo f Dublin for EuroJet to Northolt 6/9
4/9 G-BRNU Robin DR400 f/t White Waltham for RGV dep 7
  G-WPAS MD902 f Devizes for PAS dep 23
  G-BTLE Navajo t Rotterdam ex EuroJet
6/9 G-ELIE Cessna 182 f Oxford temp resident with Staverton Flying School
  G-BXZK MD902 t Winfrith ex PAS
7/9 G-EELS Cessna 208 returned from Fairoaks after it's around the world flight
8/9 G-ASAT Rallye f Defford for maintenance
10/9 D-GBTA Duchess with EuroJet - now marked as N220FW
11/9 G-BDLS AA-5 f Shobdon for Aeros maint
13/9 G-WMID MD902 arr for PAS dep to Birmingham 14th
17/9 G-EJTT Bell 407 f Bradford on Avon - new resident
18/9 G-BSLU Cherokee f Shobdon for Aeros maint
19/9 G-HYHY Malibu ex resident - dep to Hurn - poss sold - awaiting replacement
20/9 N177CE Cessna 177 ex resident - dep to Wick en route USA - sold
22/9 G-JANO Arrow IV f Swansea for Aeos Maint
  G-LAMS Cessna 152 t Swansea ex RGV
25/9 G-PASC Bo105 f Waddington for PAS
27/9 G-UMMI Navajo f Northlt for RGV
  '900-00078' MD902 arr by road for PAS - for West Yorks Police
?/9 - Emeraude PFA project arrived by road for completion - not yet registered

Movement highlights

1/9 ZA934 Puma f/t Benson
2/9 G-RAYC R-44 Crandield-Haverfordwest &3
  N790A Beech 90 f/t Toussus
  D-ILCC Citation f/t EDFM
4/9 G-BVAF J-3 Cub Marshfield-Wellesbourne
6/9 N425RR RC690 Fairoaks-Waterford &10,12
  N9533Y Cessna 210 f/t EBCI
7/9 ZG847 Islander f/t Belfast
  D-ILAT Citation f/t EDNY
8/9 D-ECAL Cessna 210 Caernarfon-Brussels n/s WX diversion
9/9 G-ZLOJ Bonanza Kemble-Shacklewell n/s
10/9 N9920U AA-5 f/t Antwerp n/s
11/9 ZJ238 Bell 412 f Shawbury o/s
  G-BXYL Cameron HAB f Tetbury
12/9 N600SY MD600 Colesbourne-Shoreham n/s (now regular visitor)
  ZA684 Chinook f/t Odiham
  G-GORF Robin f/t Tollerton
  G-JETJ Citation f/t Biggin &training     PLM9T
13/9 ZA712 Chinook f/t Odiham o/s
  N28TE Beech Baron f/t Blackbushe
  ZB673 Gazelle f/t Middle Wallop
  G-EJTT Bell 407 f/t Birmingham
14/9 G-HEMS Dauphin Blackbushe-Denham
15/9 XZ216 Lynx Odiham-Hereford o/s
  G-SPOR Beech 200 Cardiff-Southend &26
18/9 N494AT HS125 Farnboro-EDDL &19
19/9 G-OTGT Citation Jersey-Exeter
  N838DB Malibu Cranfield-Hurn
  G-LAWS S-61N Dartmoor-site north east
20/9 F-BUIQ Twin Comanche Toussus-Guernsey dep 23
  ZG844 Islander IOM-Belfast &22,28
21/9 XZ214 Lynx Odiham-Hereford o/s
  N600RN MD600 Ullenwood-Redhill
  I-ERJB Learjet 31 f/t Milan n/s
22/9 G-BZEI Agusta 109 ?-Peterboro &28,30
  XS737 Dominie f Cranwell o/s
  G-CWFC Tomahawk f/t Cardiff
  N2683Y Cessna 421 Southampton-Chester
27/9 ZJ236 Bell 412 f Shawbury o/s
  ZJ235 Bell 412 f Shawbury o/s
  N33CJ CitationJet f/t IOM
  G-PEAT Cessna 421 Hurn-Wick n/s en route USA - delivery flight
28/9 G-SEPA AS355 f/t London
  VP-BIE Challenger f/t Stansted n/s
29/9 N154DJ Cessna 303 f/t Vallencienes dep 1/10
  XX700 Bulldog  
  VP-CNM Citation 560XL f/t Exeter
  G-GPWH Falcon 900 f Teterbro
  VP-BSA Falcon 50 Rotterdam-Hurn