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September 1998 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

?/9 N5337X Rand KR-2 (G-OFMB) dep by road to Kemble for work - not yet flown in UK
1/9 G-BISJ Cessna 340 F Halfpenny Green - new resident
  G-DAFY Baron F Blackbushe - new resident replacing Baron G-BLKY that was damaged by a runaway Beech 23 at San Sebastian, Spain. 'KY has now returned to the UK.
3/9 G-BLHN Robin Tiara Based aircraft whilst returning from Llangaron made a heavy landing damaging the airframe
4/9 G-BKMT Saratoga Dep to Welshpool after maintenance
5/9 G-WOTG Islander Dep to Weston on the Green after maintenance
6/9 G-ASAT Rallye F Defford for maintenance s/p 30/9
  G-OCDB Citation F Dublin for maintenance - dep to Birmingham 13/9
7/9 G-NAAS AS355 Dep to Blyth after maintenance
8/9 G-BWNB Cessna 152 F Wellesbourne for maintenance dep 17/9
  G-BWND Cessna 152 F Wellesbourne for maintenance dep 19/9
11/9 LY-AID Yak 52 F Manston new resident c/n 822603
  G-AXOS Rallye F Cambridge for maintenance
  G-BWGZ Katana To Plymouth after maintenance
12/9 G-WMPA AS355 F Birmingham for maintenance dep 19/9
14/9 G-BXZK Explorer Marked up as G-76-057 for a few test flights. Now reverted to G-BXZK although still wears N9238T on plate in cockpit
16/9 G-BYBA JetRanger F White Waltham - new resident
17/9 G-BWYM Katana Dep to Sherburn
19/9 G-BWGY Katana F Plymouth for maintenance
21/9 G-HPAA Islander F Lee on Solent for maintenance
23/9 OO-DCD Cessna 185 F Grimbergen - new resident replacing Robin G-BLHN - see 3/9
24/9 G-BWFD Katana F Southampton for maintenance
  G-BXTP Katana T Southampton after maintenance
28/9 G-CHES Islander F Chester for maintenance

Movement highlights

1/9 PH-PIE Arrow F/t Maastricht
  F-BXOI Bonanza F Toussus. Dep to Wick 3/9 on delivery to States
  OY-BSD Cessna 340 Odense-Sydfyn
3/9 N5LL Navajo Woodford-Jersey
4/9 XW221 Puma Valley-Camberley SHF94 &5
  NX71MY Vimy replica Overshoot whilst on airtest from Kemble
5/9 N41244 Warrior III Prestwick-Elstree. Delivery flight to become G-WARC for Cabair
7/9 ZJ139 AS355 F/t Malvern &22
  ZG993 Islander F/t Belfast &9,23
8/9 ZJ252 AS350 Nr Hereford- Wallop
  G-APJB Prentice Kemble-Coventry
  N770SP Navajo Dep to Cranfield en route States on delivery ex PH-PTE
9/9 G-BXXY Seneca Blackbushe-Shobdon
10/9 N1131G Cessna 208 Cranfield - Blackbushe
  XW218 Puma Benson-Innsworth overshoot
11/9 N31NB Navajo F/t Deenethorpe
  F-GFIR Beech King Air F/t Le Bourget
12/9 ZA713 Chinook Nr Chepstow-Caerwent
  G-BWNM Arrow F/t Defford
14/9 D-IAAT Cessna 421 F/t Dortmund n/s LTF110
16/9 OY-CKT Citation F/t Sonderborg
  EI-CKA Robin DR400 Waterford-Tibenham &ret
  F-GHOC Beech 200 Lille-Le Bourget
  G-BXMH Duchess F/t Halfpenny Green
17/9 D-IWSH Beech 200 Egelsbach-LPCS
  XW202 Puma F Benson
  N36LH Bonanza Reykjavik-Elstree n/s delivery flight from States to Poland
  XX493 Jetstream F/t Cranwell &18
18/9 ZG848 Islander Wallop-Belfast
19/9 G-DEZC Bae125 F/t Jersey
  XX335 Gazelle Shawbury-Hereford
  G-HUNI Bellanca Ross-Denham
21/9 G-OPWH Falcon 900 Oxford-Avignon
22/9 ZD575 Chinook F Odiham overshoot
  XX625 Bulldog F/t St Athan UAW21
  N33CJ CitationJet IOM-Chester dep 24
23/9 G-YSTT Saratoga F/t Halfpenny Green
24/9 G-ONYX JetRanger Ashford-Shobdon
30/9 OO-LCM Citation F/t Brussels