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September 1999 highlights

Resident/Based Operator News

1/9 G-RAFT Rutan LongEz f Tatenhill
  G-BYBP Cessna 185 Ross-EBLG for RGV maintenance n/s
2/9 G-CHES Islander Brize Norton-Chester for PAS n/s
  G-BLKY Baron to Guernsey ex resident - sold
3/9 G-BNEI Seneca f North Weald for RGV
  G-RIBS Katana f Oxford for Midwest
4/9 GBWEH Katana Bristol-Plymouth for Midwest dep 14
  G-BLWH Fournier RF-6 to Booker ex resident - sold
5/9 G-BXTP Katana to Gamston ex Midwest
6/9 G-BVYF Navajo f/t Birmingham for EuroJet dep 18
7/9 G-AWVG Airtourer f ? for RGV
  G-PASC Bo105 f Waddington for PAS
8/9 EI-CPS Baron f Leeds for RGV to Shannon 22
  G-NAAS AS355 to Blyth ex PAS
11/9 G-WOTG Islander to Weston ex PAS
13/9 G-WMPA AS355 f Birmingham for PAS
  G-HPAA Islander f/t Lee-on-Solent dep 17
  G-HFIX Spitfire first flight since 23/9/98
14/9 G-BWYM Katana to Gamston ex Midwest
15/9 G-PASS Explorer f ? for PAS
  G-NMHS AS355 f Ripley for PAS
  N80361 Citation Eagle Dublin-Southend for EuroJet dep 22
19/9 N3063T Explorer arr by road for PAS - to be G-WMID
20/9 G-BFJR Cessna 377 f East Midlands for RGV
  N61787 Cub t Rendcomb ex RGV
22/9 G-BWIJ Europa first noted in Midwest - arr by road
24/9 G-VMDE Cessna 210 to North Weald ex Aeros
25/9 G-BRNU Robin to White Waltham ex RGV
30/0 G-BFJR Cessna 337 to East Midlands ex RGV

Movement highlights

1/9 ZE410 Agusta 109 f/t Hereford
2/9 N709EL BeechJet Nice-Northolt
  ZF512 Tucano overshoot
  XX499 JetStream f/t Waddington
  N33CJ CitationJet t Ronaldsway
3/9 PH-USC Cessna 172 Den Helder-EIWF
6/9 ZJ139 AS355 f/t Innsworth
8/9 XX614 Bulldog f/t Benson
9/9 N99BM Baron f/t Ronaldsway n/s
  ZJ253 AS350 Middle Wallop-Innsowrth o/s
  ZA934 Puma Innsworth-Benson
10/9 G-ELZN Cherokee f/t Sywell
  N18SF Agusta 109 f/t Tewkesbury Park
  G-OMGE BAe125 Le Bourget-Luton
  G-AYCC Campbell Cricket Wellesbourne-Hinton
  N180BB Cessna 180 f/t Weston
11/9 VP-CFG Citation Le Bourget-Oxford &23
  N220TW Citation 3 Milan-Oxford
12/9 N79EL BeechJet East Midlands-Nice
  G-XRMC BAe125 LEMG-Farnborough
13/9 XX500 JetStream f/t Cranwell CWL61
  G-ONPA Navajo f/t Warton for PAS
14/9 N23610 Beech 1900 Blackbushe-Glasgow n/s (S9-BAK under tape)
15/9 OY-CKT Citation ?-Sonderborg
  D-EDPZ Dornier Do27 Goodwood-Ronaldsway
  D-KBUL Scheibe SF25 Goodwood-Ronaldsway
  ZJ273 AS350 Shawbury-Lyneham &ret SYS62
  XX628 Bulldog f EGUO overshoot UAD19
16/9 G-RDBS Citation f/t Filton
  XX689 Bulldog f/t EGUO overshoot UAD24
17/9 ZJ274 AS350 f Shawbury overshoot SYS61
20/9 D-ICCC Citation f/t Eindhoven DYE806
  ZA938 Puma f/t Hereford
21/9 XW209 Puma f ? went u/s - dep 26/9 after repair
22/9 XW212 Puma Belfast-Chester
  N206CF Cessna 206 EIDL-Athboy
23/9 ZD282 Lynx Leconfield-Yeovilton Navy LL 847Sqn
24/9 N841WS Citation f/t Edinburgh
  ZA936 Puma f/t Benson
  XW204 Puma f/t Benson
  XX442 Gazelle Watton-Brecon
  OE-GKK Citation Antwerp-Dublin &25
  OO-PHI CitationJet f/t Antwerp n/s
25/9 XW236 Puma Stafford-Benson &ret
  VP-CFG Citation f/t Jersey n/s
28/9 163840 UC-12D Mildenhall-Wyton US Navy
  XX498 Jetstream f/t Waddington
  XW200 Puma f/t Benson
29/9 D-GIWL Seneca Southampton-EDRK
30/9 N79EL BeechJet East Midlands-LFMN
  G-TCDI BAe125 Dublin-Farnborough

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